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3/5/2023 c1 3sakurai.ryuu
when next :(
8/3/2021 c1 The Poarter
Bound in chains which were bolted to a wall, Poarter nervously recognized there would be no escape. His arms tugged furiously at the steel cuffs lock around his wrists, wishing they would break.

He couldn't remember what happened; the day prior, he was walking down the street by himself late at night.


A steel pipe hit him in the head. He slowly began to lose consciousness as his captor restrained him and loaded him into a van.

Now, he felt the sharp pain in his skull as he looked down. His captor stripped him of his clothing. Instead, he found himself in a new uniform provided...

He was now dressed in a lacey lingerie! A white lace bra, lacey white panties, and thigh high lace white stockings. He found himself to be wearing white high heels. Weirder yet, some blonde strands of hair hung in front on his face, indicating the captor fastened a very feminine blonde wig to his head.

Shock turned to panic once he heard the sound of the locked door clicking open.

A man appeared from the shadows, chuckling at his latest toy.

"Well well well. I caught you walking down the street all on your lonesome. You looked subservient enough. Not the prettiest, but I enjoy breaking you into sissies." The man said evilly.

"Let me go! I can give you money! Just let me go!" Mr. Poarter pleaded.

"Not gonna happen, Poarter. You're mine now, bitch. My name is Saint. I'm your new master." Saint cackles malevolently.

"No! No! This must be a mistake! I'm a guy! I'm not gay! Let me go you creepy faggot!" Mr Poarter cried out in anger.

"I've read some of your work. Though the spelling was atrocious, it inspired me!" He answered, licking his lips. "I can't allow my new bitch to treat me like that. You're a sub. A stupid sissy who has one purpose; to pleasure me!"

Before Mr Poarter could protest, Saint forced him to his knees.

"Give me a blow job, bitch." Saint demanded as he unzipped his pants, revealing his member to his slave's face.

"No fucking way! Sucking dick is gross!" Mr Poarter hastily refused, backing his head away.

"You won't refuse me, bitch." Saint cackled.
He placed several strange devices in Mr Poarter's panties, which touched his dick and went inside his rectum. Saint held a square box, pushing one of the buttons.

Electric currents surged through Poarter's most sensitive areas. He screamed in ghastly pain as his privates were jolted immensely.

Saint held a perverted smile, but turned the device off. And then on again. And off.

Mr Poarter was scared, his heart thumped quickly as he couldn't stand the pain. His penis throbbed in both pleasure and agony.

"Let's try this again. Go down on me. Suck my dick with a smile or you get punished for disobeying." Saint demanded.

Having no other choice, Mr Poarter slowly came close to his member. He flinched. He couldn't do this. It was gross, unclean. "I'm sorry, I'm not homosexual."

"Oh, but you will be once I break you. This is a source of pleasure." Becoming impatient, Saint shoved his hardened cock into Poarter's wet mouth.

Poarter was shocked by the intrusion. His eyes now wide, his face heated up, turning red. His soft lips and tongue was now touching another man's dick. Saint held Poarter's head and began to thrust hard, adding motion to the cock held in Poarter's mouth. Poarter felt violated, about to gag and throw up from being sodomized. Saint's dick went in and out of his throat, leaving Poarter gasping for air and a much needed break. Mr Poarter gagged relentlessly at the heinous act, wanting it to stop. No such luck, as the face fucking continued mercilessly. That is, until the act would be properly reciprocated.

"Start sucking or i won't stop thrusting!" Saint commanded his sissy slave.

Overcoming homophobia, Poarter began kissing, sucking and licking the shaft, hearing groans of pleasure from his new master. He moaned onto his cock, furthering his master's ecstasy. Poarter's face was heated in both anger and revulsion from having to perform on the hardened penis. It was dirty and gross. He wasn't a faggot. The penis was warm, the organ producing pleasurable sensation in his wet mouth, the sounds of his master's moans were signs he was doing a good job.

Saint released a heaping spoonful into Mr Poarter's mouth, to the slave's horror. "Now swallow." He demanded. " This counts as one of your drinks".

Poarter slowly did as he was told. He gulped it down. Disgusted but becoming secretly pleasured all at once. Poarter felt his own member becoming erect, even releasing into his own panties, shocking him as he felt unwanted pleasure from the man. Poarter quivered.

Saint noticed the wet panties of his slave and laughed.

"What a faggot. Stupid enough to suck my dick. Cum guzzler." Saint insulted, deriving more pleasure with power over his subservient man.

"Do you want out of those panties?" Saint asked, smirking at his slave.

"Yes?" Mr Poarter said, unaware of the trick question.

"Okay, but just for now." Saint replied, inching closer as he put his hands on Poarter's new lace panties. Saint worked his hands over Poarter's member, eliciting an unexpected groan from Poarter.

He began to slowly feel him up, massaging his hardened member through the lace panties.

"No. No! Stop! I'm not into men!" Mr Poarter pleaded, begging for mercy from the man.

Saint chuckled arrogantly. "You will be when I'm done with you, faggot."

Poarter felt hands roughly rip his panties off, his member being felt up by a pair of hands, stroking him.

Poarter accidently let out a moan, trying not to give into pleasure.

Saint saw the new slave was starting to get aroused against his will, turning him on further. Without a moment's notice, Saint's wet mouth was encased around Poarter's erection.

Poarter's eyes grew large, his face reddened, not wanting the act to be performed on him. But it was too late, as a wet mouth began kissing his member. Saint's mouth was latched onto the hardened dick. His head bobbed back and forth, with experience. His hot lips slid up and down the shaft, his tongue stroking and licking the vulnerable organ. Hot breath tickled Poarter's dick, as Saint heavily moaned onto it, vibrating it to cause a wave of intense pleasure.

"Stop! STOP!" Poarter pleaded, beginning to gasp as he felt himself reaching his climax against his will.

But this did not deter Saint, it inspired him to suck harder and produce better motions on the penis.

Poarter moaned helplessly against his will, his toes curled, and he felt a throbbing pleasure. He orgasmed from the unwanted male on male sex. A heaping tablespoon squirting out in Saint's mouth, which he spit out onto Poarter.

"Faggot." Saint insulted, wiping his mouth as he slid Poarter's panties back on.

Saint smacked him in the face, before putting his lips onto Poarter's, forcing his slave to make out. Saint shoved his tongue down his throat as he grinded his erect penis against Mr. Poarter, who was reeling .with pleasure from the forced experience.

Poarter felt Saint's hot lips lock on his mouth, his breath on his skin. He felt Saint's member bucking against his own, causing more pleasure.
3/11/2021 c1 Guest
wow wtf is thsi sotry? i think you should look up mr grimjaw and i luvgrace420 for some GUD SOTRIES'

cuz thsi SOTRY is not a good SOTRY.

wrte better sotries please nigger
11/23/2020 c1 ICE PRiNCE 0
good story loved it
9/13/2020 c1 Jack Hammer 77
This looks to be the start of a good fanfic.
12/3/2017 c1 2nekolovesyou
plz update
12/2/2017 c1 markoalap
Great chapter, please update when and if you can.
10/7/2017 c1 ps2boy.zachary
nice work look forward to the next chapter
9/15/2017 c1 20Aeonmaster Aeroza
Well you could rewrite this and continue it as such, i like the idea of the story as it is very good, maybe eventually a story to be nininated if done right. Just keep some of the elements like snake pedo jabing naruto as well as the tear thing and other stuff, but make it a slow yet quick realization to both Sakuras as well as later on inner somehow comes out thanks to a strange ninja who was in the sound after seeing said part of sakura with reading her thoughts, as in secret one of those rare ninjas who grant wishes, more like a secret hidin village he was stolen from as a babe that has half-humans living as such. Half-jinn that is.
Plus think about it: your writting muat have improved more as well, so maybe a rewrite of this would work out in your favor. But all in all for the original, good job.
8/19/2017 c1 2willam and jack and jake
ineresting very interesting
12/18/2016 c1 NatNicole
While I love this otherwise, Sakura came to the conclusion that she likes Naruto romantically WAAAY to quickly! Leaving the crush out in favour of developing their friendship first woulda been much better.
12/16/2015 c1 13XT3100
To me this seems to be more humorous. A bit cliché and forced but good non the less.
8/11/2015 c1 32MisoSparkz
I love this so much, epic job! XD
5/25/2015 c1 172RockSunner
I hope you will continue this.
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