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for How Do We Move On?

2/27/2015 c3 Guest
This story is STUPID!
10/28/2012 c4 16purplangel
maybe have you come with me when I tell him, show him that this is..." She gestures between them, "is real and how much I want this." (I can't wait to see Kate tell her Dad how much Rick means to her)

Ohhh, I'm squealing... The charm... Perfect... "Maybe, when you wear it, it will remind you that I'm in this with you. I'm all in Kate."

Rolling in laughter over: "You know Lanie is going to be mad at you for holding out on her right? You get to tell her. She scares me a little bit." and "He is so going to give you the 'big brother...if you hurt her speech'."

And the end? Awww. Yes, Kate in his arms and her saying "There's no place I'd rather be." *sigh* loved it.
10/28/2012 c4 49Ilovetoread09
That was great! I liked the necklace idea and Kate's explaination for why she didn't wear her mom's ring.
10/28/2012 c4 I'm Widget
Oh, yay. So perfect. If only...
10/28/2012 c3 I'm Widget
Wow. So much emotion! Love it.
10/28/2012 c2 I'm Widget
I liked seeing this scene from both POVs. Nice.
10/28/2012 c1 I'm Widget
Wow. This is so good. Glad I found this one! Off to read chapter two...
10/28/2012 c4 BlueOrchid96
I'm with you...if Castle was buying jewelry it's for Kate. Still bothers me that she would think otherwise.
10/28/2012 c3 BlueOrchid96
Nothing like a messy burger to spur on the kisses! :)
10/23/2012 c3 16purplangel
Are we shattered? Do we need fixing, Rick?" Kate asks, voice scratchy like she is on the verge of tears. (This line got to me girl. I can hear Stana's voice saying exactly this.)

They have to talk. They have to get this out in the open, the hurt feelings, the doubts and all those things they have always left unspoken between them. (Yessszzz. I wish Marlowe would have had this philosophy during seasons 3 & 4, lol)

"I guess some part of me thinks that this 'thing' we have is too good to be true and that I don't deserve to be this happy." (I hope Kate admits this to herself on the show!)

"No, nothing happened, unless you count beating myself up over doubting you." (And yes, she will definitely beat herself up over this one)

Their intimate moment on the couch was soooo sweet. And I do believe that by the end of the epi they will be in each others arms, comforting one another, plus stoking other desires as well. ;)

Love this Julie!
10/21/2012 c2 luvTaylorSwift
I can see her already trying to distance herself from me because of this. Will I be able to fix us after this is over? (My heart could feel Castle's pain)

I wish I could sweep her into my arms and kiss her senseless...hell, I would settle for a handshake at this point. (Love this as his first inclination would be to wrap Kate in his arms, express his love, and whisper his innocence in her ear)

I wish you also would've addressed though how extremely hurt he'd feel that Kate could actually entertain the idea that he was guilty of murder. Even if it was for only a few seconds, Kate believed, due to evidence, that he was capable of murder.

Great job, Julie, with both perspectives on what is going to be an intense, dramatic epi!
10/21/2012 c1 luvTaylorSwift
For the first time in my career, I think I might actually hate doing my job. (I can completely see Kate feeling this way)

but he knows how I do this and he knows all my tells. He can read me like a book and this is one of those times when our connection intimate knowledge of each other is gonna bite me in the ass. (Love this insight into KB)

My head is telling me that there is too much evidence to deny the possibility but my damn heart keeps beating out a rhythm for Castle's innocence. (Unique, lovely line)

Oh, how I wish that it will be this easy for Castle to prove his innocence on the show.
10/20/2012 c2 KB4RC
You have two identical chapters. Is that on purpose?
10/20/2012 c2 VIOLET1213
Wow if I was in Castle shoes I would not forgive her , for thinking I am a murderer . Thanks for writing.
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