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for Cold Fire Kiss

11/15/2021 c2 Marxgreyjoy
9/28/2017 c2 angelmvidales
I'm so excited please continue it with the story I'm in LOVE with it and on the edge of my seat in it
5/14/2015 c2 00-night-eyes-00
Love it, looking forward to more
10/7/2013 c2 heros bane
please continue this story.
10/7/2013 c1 heros bane
i like it.
11/23/2012 c2 Lyre
Woay, what a cute beginning. :) I cannot wait to read more, though I mus say, the characters get too fast to their point in my opinion. It would be better if you'd describe the facial expressions and so on a little more, but love it anyways
10/28/2012 c2 Elizabeth
Good start! I think just a dash more details would help it more though, seemed a little rushed towards the end.. But other than that I thought it was nicely done and that the story is very interesting.
I can't wait for more!
10/24/2012 c2 7Fullmetal Knight
Hrm. I like the concept. Though I did feel Jon just gave in to willingly to Daenerys. He has more honor than just to give in to the daughter of the Mad King. And a side note being that Jon is not invulnerable to heat, and fire, either. He threw the lamp, which was hot since it was being used, at the Other that was coming at him and Mormont.

But otherwise a great story thus far! :)
10/22/2012 c2 DarkSharker
Great story look, I'll forward to more.

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