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9/11/2018 c2 2FateOfChaos
It’s a shame this story hasn’t been updated in such a long time, because it’s truly brilliant. If you ever decide to come back to it, I’ll definitely be more than happy to read it. This is probably the first crossover I’ve found that realistically takes place in the HP-verse yet thoroughly shows the power of the One Ring. I was speechless when Ron met his end, and now Harry is using the Ring in tandem with the Sword of Gryffindor to take out Death Eaters. Two very powerful tools being put to use there. I can only imagine what might happen when Sauron himself comes into play, because he’s undoubtedly a worse foe than Voldemort could ever imagine to be.
1/30/2017 c2 1066wthec
1/30/2017 c1 1066wthec
5/7/2016 c2 Frozen862
Shame the story is dead.
3/4/2016 c2 Rd Awesomeness
This story is actually quite brilliant. Poor Ronald died. I do hope to read more of it
12/15/2014 c2 Ibskib
disapparation - apparation (dis- when someone leaves)
12/10/2014 c1 2DarkLordHerobrine
Is it just me or does Harry under the Ring's influence seem more like himself than he was in HBP and DH?
11/21/2013 c1 2ThetaGraphics
Great start so far! I hope you continue it soon!
7/19/2013 c2 2unrealwarfang
I hope you'll update this soon, I'd love to see Harry's first interaction with the Nazgul. I'd love to see a more of a darker Harry who goes over towards Sauron's side, maybe even be the final catalyst to what Sauron needed to come back into the world, he and harry merge together etc.

Then the whole world would have to unite against the forces of Minas Morgul and Mordor, unlikely to happen but a cool idea none-the less.

Loving how the ring is actually corrupting him and he isn't 'magically' fighting the corruption off by sheer willpower. One thing I wanted to know is why Hermione isn't affected to much by the ring.
6/21/2013 c2 SalemTheSpeakerOfTruth
Pretty good start, I say.
4/6/2013 c2 Hachichiyyin
1/8/2013 c2 Zana20
I hope you will update this story. Its actually very good!
1/1/2013 c2 Halcyon2Days
Update soon!
12/18/2012 c2 20exaigon
I debated on reading this but I'm glad I did.

I can't wait for the next chapter!
12/9/2012 c2 5black mage wannabe
This is a very interesting story! The first chapter was amazing, especially the scene in which Ron and Harry fight over the Ring. Very sad and serves to demonstrate the power of the Ring. Question: Does this fic take place in a universe where Smeagol and Deagol never found the Ring in the pond? And the second chapter was great too! I think the Nazgul scene was my favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing them again. I find them to be very creepy and effective villains. Hope to see another chapter soon! Good luck writing it!
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