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9/17/2016 c4 meh
ur writing skills are horrible...u shouldn't be allowed near any devices...u don't even have a brain...nowonder ur friend turned on u coz who would want to be associated with a retard lyk u...stick t what you know dumbass...
2/16/2013 c1 L12
Same only 7 0/0
2/2/2013 c4 23LunaScamander17
Bullied? is so bad! Why best friend bullied her best friend! that's unfair! in my school there no such as bullying! I hope you okay... :'(
1/4/2013 c4 Amanda Hermione Black
oh. Sorry to hear that. I hope for you that you will figure it all out soon. I've been bullied too, and my whole school is talking behind my back, because i'm lesbian. My "friend" told everybody, before i was ready to let them know. I'm ready now, but i had a really hard time, where i didn't update. Take your time and get it sorted out :-) Hope that you'll soon be happy again.
12/2/2012 c2 19cc4s
I really liked this chapter - especially how Neville stood up for luna :)

I would suggest trying to make your chapters just a litte bit longer.

It's really good though :)
12/2/2012 c1 cc4s
Sounds interesting so far! I'm excited to
10/27/2012 c2 Amanda Hermione Black
Good :-D
Plz ship one of the guys with jade :-D
She deserves someone who's not beck.

Epic couples could be:
Robbie and Luna
Ron and tori
Neville and Cat
Seamus and trina

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