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1/1/2014 c4 3Firenze Fox
Awwwwww, this was so sweet! ...Well, kinda bittersweet, actually, but still really good! Can't wait for the next chapter!
1/1/2014 c4 48KatHarkness-Katara
I feel sorry for Tony, and Clint, and, well, all of them in a way I suppose. Will there be a return of Loki the almost-nice any time soon-ish?
12/26/2013 c2 31AustralianRanger012
That one was so funny!
4/1/2013 c3 3alynawatlovers
I like this quite a bit. :D Thanks!
2/19/2013 c3 Rakovica
aaaaaaaw that was so cute! :D
1/20/2013 c2 Violentshadow
Lol Bruce like Fury's going insane.
1/20/2013 c1 Violentshadow
lol great job I love how no one rooted Bruce out and how Clint was acting to Fury the whole time.
1/9/2013 c3 1Lauri3n
This is great!
1/1/2013 c1 3Ryla
ROFLMAO This is great... This is prime, great job on this story! This is going on my Favorites list!
12/21/2012 c3 Hawk's the Name
THANK YOU! The chapter was awesome! I love how you portrayed Hawkeye as a badass master assasin who also loves Natasha and is deadly! I love the humor and amount of Clintasha, but I would like more humor if possible. THIS STORY IS AWSEOME!
12/4/2012 c1 Elflein
Almost fell out auf my bed, laughing so hard. Loved Clint, totally loved Bruce.
12/2/2012 c3 Panic
Hey, this story is awesome. I preferred the first two chapters as your sense of humour is FANTASTIC! I can't wait to read the next chapter. Best parts "I like kittens" "You broke fury" "In what world was Tony Stark the last hope for a reasonable explanation." "Pick me!" Absolutely epic.
12/1/2012 c3 6RaychDZeros
12/1/2012 c1 32Syntyche
This story has just the right blend of a tiny bit of angst and a lot of well-done humor. Total kudos - I can't wait to read on!
12/1/2012 c2 142RedHatMeg
I just... stare. I'ts the most awesome crack!fic I've read for a long time. I want more!
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