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for It Was There, By the Sea

8/12/2014 c1 Guest
Fuck fuck fuck. I was crying by the end, just as Tom was. Kudos!
12/21/2013 c1 11Welsh mama
Well I know I'm late to the party here, but my holiday reading pleasure is going to be Home so I decided to start here. Really lovely writing and incredibly moving. You had an excellent grasp of Tom's bewilderment after Sybil's death, unable to physically function, not knowing how he now fitted into the family dynamics.

I loved the flashbacks, the beach scene of course, but also Tom's excruciating embarrassment when Anna first walked in on them. I also really appreciated Alfred's unease and anxiety at holding a baby for the first time and the empathy from Cora, which was beautifully expressed.
11/16/2013 c1 skinnycat77
This was amazing. Both beautiful and sad. I love the memory that you built on "Then we can just lie back and look at the stars" and how you connected it to Cora telling Tom that she didn't die alone. It brought me to tears. Your writing is beautiful!
10/22/2013 c1 tammyteresa64
This was beautiful - I cried and feel the same as you do above in your introduction about Sybil dying, Tom and Downton Abbey. Tom and Sybil and now Sybbie are my favorite and if they weren't on I wouldn't watch. I agree with the other reviews - this is one of the best. I loved it. Are you on Tumblr? If so what is your name so I can follow you.
10/20/2013 c1 3Vi2009
Sometimes when I see a new follower I go and check out their profile. I saw this story and just spent the last few minutes absolutely engrossed in it. Your writing was so beautiful and the memories of Tom and Sybil together make me feel all the more upset that we hardly saw them together as a couple on screen. Few stories especially fan fiction can move me to tears but yours certainly did. Thank you for it!
2/17/2013 c1 harnicem
What a wonderful story. I'm off to read your second story now. I hope you will continue writing. I quite like your writing style.
1/23/2013 c1 2kellydofc
That was heartbreaking but beautiful.
12/21/2012 c1 5MTT-VB
I cried through just about this whole piece. This was BEAUTIFUL. You've captured all the characters so well. Tom's despairing grief, Cora's love & acceptance of him, that tiny bit of hope for the future. You describe it all perfectly.

I hate the fact that Sybil died because Jessica wanted off the show. Normally don't make myself read stories that follow canon after 3-5. I'm so glad I made an exception in this case.
10/30/2012 c1 54The Yankee Countess
Oh God, this is so beautiful and sad and I'm weeping like a baby!

Wow...I hope this did help you (from a theraputic stand point) because EVERYTHING is there...the romance we were denied to see, the reminders of how much they loved one another, the hope that even though Sybil is gone, she will be a part of them forever, and I really enjoyed the moments with Cora (WHY CAN'T THEY PUT THAT IN THE SHOW?) Ugh, still upset and disappointed with the way this show has gone (even if I take my feelings out as a Sybil/Tom fan) but this is one of the best stories I've read that deals with Sybil's death-while it is sad, it's not devasting, and I do enjoy all the flashback moments. Well done!
10/28/2012 c1 history lady 24
This is beautiful. I'm having to hold back tears as I write this. Thank you for adding a lovely story to our Tom and Sybil collection.
10/25/2012 c1 Allie
This was absolutely stunning. That's the best thing I've ever read about the Bransons, it's so right, so appropriate, that's just them. You're amazing, you just made my day. I beg you to write more ! (The first night, the wedding, plenty of happy moments..) PLEASE :)
10/22/2012 c1 Ella
This was beautiful and sad, so, so sad. But this is the story Fellows should be telling us, one of their happiness, honesty, and love. Please write more.
10/21/2012 c1 Guest
This was lovely and heartbreaking and perfect!
10/21/2012 c1 everyturn
This might be my favorite post-3.05 fic. It had the appropriate amount amount of angst, memories, and trying to move on. I cried by the time i got to the end
10/22/2012 c1 4voodooqueen126
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