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7/28 c2 OryxGreen
honestly, this is better than the original
7/22 c116 Curt24
I gotta say your fanfiction is still a real open upper in a harry potter story. Between him in slytherin and being an elemental it's a real plot twist it is nice to see he made peace with the dursleys. Hope to read more soon keep up the awesome work.
7/17 c48 4Crux has been killed
I love your Authors notes, they just explain little bits and pieces that are nessasery to completing the chapter.
7/17 c47 Crux has been killed
I ship it, Edward and Dora.
7/17 c38 Crux has been killed
I honestly ship it. Lily and Draco, it could be like Lily and James all over again, because honestly I prefer Harry with Artemis.
7/17 c22 Crux has been killed
THE WIND CHICK I CANT REMEMBER THE NAME OF IS THE ONE WHISPERING! Lily, it's not that hard, you just have to read the fanfic.
7/17 c15 Crux has been killed
LIES! Sev and Lily were good friends, Harry's Great Uncle, Charlus Potter was friends with Dorea black before they married when they graduated.
7/17 c14 Crux has been killed
does lumos ring a bell?
7/16 c10 Crux has been killed
nah lad, he sees Grindlewald
7/16 c8 Crux has been killed
draco: I will honour the name Malfoy


draco: what are you laughing at!?

me: nothing, nothing, just honour bad faith well
7/16 c7 Crux has been killed
7/16 c7 Crux has been killed
harry harry harry. I don't mean to upset you, but you are so totally wrong. of course something will happen between you two, if nothing happened then I'd be a fucking turkey.
7/16 c6 Crux has been killed
As much as I love Artemis, I do think you could have used Gemma Farley. A slytherin 5th year prefect in Harry's 1st year, she's apparently meant to be gorgeous, Pure mahogany think curls, California girl tan, hourglass figure, startlingly grey eyes, and smart, Cunning, and ambitious.
7/16 c5 Crux has been killed
YAY! Dracy made a come back
7/16 c5 Crux has been killed
btw his names Stephen Cornfoot. poor lad.
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