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11/12 c121 Curt24
Still hope to see a new chapter to your awesome story to harry potter soon
11/11 c74 Quest
around 70 the grammer gets worse and a lot is repeated, I liked this story up to this point but I am struggling to keep with this as it is messing we my dyslexia. Hope to see more fo your work.
10/30 c121 moodyboy66
Please come back and finish this story
9/18 c35 Trainion
Lily's mother died in a car accident
I'm calling it now
9/18 c4 Trainion
Why are they acting like James and Lily...
9/14 c121 Curt24
Just reread the ending of your last chapter awesome twist. Hope to seen more good chapters on the way this is really great story for harry fanfiction keep up the good work.
9/9 c4 Gameslayer163
see shes a violent asshole if i was harry i would press charges or somthing or hit back harder if harry is gonna be a little wimp and not do anything about liliana asshole here its annoying already
9/9 c3 Gameslayer163
liliana sounds like a asshole i hope she wont be harrys friend in the future i may drop it then :P
8/12 c27 1David Garrido
I do not mean to sound rude but some of the spelling in this story is terrible
7/15 c86 AshOfTheBurningWorld
Nope. Sorry. Honestly a good book early on, but there’s a point where you follow canon too much, and you passed it back when Snape started teaching Occlumency.

You had Harry start learning Occlumency early, which was good, but it did nothing. You just left it to canon to have Snape teach, causing Harry the usual pain and visions that go along with it.

Then you made Harry a weak willed fool. He’s been building up his support base of his vassals, Lilly, Sirius, Remus, and so on, but even though they had been making a plan to deal with Voldemort, they dropped it as soon as Dumbledore said ‘Please don’t’. Then Harry made his decision concerning the prophecy when he willingly froze and shattered it, but instead of accepting that Voldemort was after him and planning to deal with it, he went back to Dumbledore as soon as he said ‘but I have the prophecy here’.

Maybe you will deviate more from canon in this book and the next, but everything that’s happened leading up to this point spoiled my interest. I just got bored reading the same things happening despite everything that happened differently.
7/12 c121 Curt24
Wow I gotta say a great twist. Adding bellatrix having a daughter , your story is still my favorite read among the varies fanfiction I've read. Cause you wrote it where harry is in control of his life and finds his own path. Hope to see more soon keep up the awesome work.
7/10 c121 Joda-Eragonsson
He saves and forgives Bellatrix even though she killed Tracy? Come on this story is getting more and more unrealistic, Harry was pissed when Tracey die 8 chapters ago and now Lool he’s rescued and forgiven her killer
7/10 c110 Joda-Eragonsson
These last 2 chapters are a bit much, and the story started brilliantly. But now seems like it’s ending towards a PWP fic. Harry has become very OC, using the word he hates ‘Mudblood’ several times to describe Hermione. He was attacking house mates for saying it. I get the Astoria and Draco thing but now Harry is sharing Daphne with Malfoy and visa versa. It’s a bit ridiculous and very unneeded.
The explanation as to why Harry is having so much sex is lame imo. I hope this sister trade thing between Harry and Draco is a 1 time thing. And I hope it’s not introduced with anyone else
7/6 c121 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
6/29 c120 2desperador93
You should add the part where Harry was doing lookout while Hermione sucking him. Keep it going man :)) haha.
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