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7/13 c1 11Majestic-MSFC
You go connor
2/11 c1 1c4tr1n
I've logged back in to read some of my old entries as I've started rewatching Primeval with my daughter. So I decided to read some other bits too. I really love this, it makes me all warm inside and can see this happening with Connor and Abbey. Great writing.
12/4/2020 c1 1Citrine x
I absolutely love this! It’s just so perfect and adorable and true to both their characters. Amazing work!
8/7/2013 c1 8DrGiggles
Connor's secret talent! That's so cool :D

And sweet as always, I like how Abby admitted it first :)
8/6/2013 c1 8Sallad24601
This is too adorable for words! So cute and sweet and adorable and... Sigh... :D Absolutely amazing! I love how, even though he gets guns now, they still don't trust Connor with weapons enough to be comfortable with giving him a knife! I now completely accept that Cononr can carve wood. :) Though, a carving of Rex? I'd like to see that! So cute, and Conor was so excited that he had to wake up Danny to tell him! Good choice not to wake up Becker... Anyway! Wonderful job! Very, very cute and adorable!
8/6/2013 c1 38TheSingingPterodactyl
How do you do this?
How do you make them so completely adorable?
Haha I loved this! SO, SO adorable! I love the idea of them actually admitting it in Series 3 because then they would have been a couple in the Cretaceous, plus we would have seen Conby before that year that changed them both. I would have loved seeing how adorable they could be for all of Series 3...
Sigh. But all I have in FanFiction, and I'm okay with that...
This was wonderful! Truly loved it. Abby, 'bout time! And Becker made me laugh.
AND THE SARAH AND DANNY THING WAS COMPLETELY ADORABLE. I'm going to be adding a Danny sleeping on Sarah's shoulder in my Danny/Sarah fic now. I have to. Hope you don't mind.
2/27/2013 c1 4Pretty.Little.Ashwee.11
that was soooo cute (: my best friend got me in primeval like a month or so ago. we're in the US so if it weren't for Netflix we wouldn't of heard of the show. be we are now obsessed and love abby and connor! we finished the series already and its so sad that its over but I love them. so cute (((:
12/18/2012 c1 TheAnonyMouseInViolence
So much sweetness between them in this, as it is in all your fics. I can imagine Connor have a secret skill or hobby like this to got with his introvert side. I also love them camping out, there's something very romantic about being fire side.
10/26/2012 c1 moura1371
I do so love your Conby stuff. This was good,thanks
10/22/2012 c1 11aunteeneenah
OMG! How sweet is this! Such a lovely little fic. Well done.
10/22/2012 c1 20Rubytronix
Aah! Beautiful! Loved it.
10/22/2012 c1 58FLUFF-N-UTTER-1
enjoyed reading. :)
10/22/2012 c1 9Crystal2222
This is very sweet and very cute. I love that you made Connor a bit of an artist with being able to carve. And you did a great job showing Abby realize her feelings here.

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