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1/3 c8 1zackman2k12
Thus AU is really good so far.
12/26/2021 c17 HighPaladinRath
12/25/2021 c1 Royal.liyah123
Yesss! Finally a story that bring the faults of the characters to the front of the classroom! All Naruto characters have something about them that is negative, but the show and other FanFictions make the negative apart of the character seem as something that is good. Sakura abusive behavior, Hinata stalking, Kakashi neglect to the team,etc. Basically the whole villagewe kind in front of others, but treat each other like s**t “, green tea b**ch attitude piss me off. Read chapter 13.
11/24/2021 c47 2willam and jack and jake
nice very nice
11/7/2021 c47 darth56
loved it want more soon this is a great read have reread it so manny times so again thanks
11/6/2021 c47 15Leaf Ranger
So zetsu is down and now Kaguya will have a much harder time coming back, if at all. Hidan also seems to be down as well, with the rest of Akatsuki being targeted. guess we'll see how well that goes.

And meanwhile, Deidara did some damage to Namikaze's army, but Minato got him pretty quickly. Hopefully Sasori can put up a bit more of a fight. We'll see.

Good chapter, keep it up.
11/5/2021 c47 4Nightshadegirl
zetsu is wrong, a mere man did become a god just not in his world, no that would be naofumi iwatani from the web novel rising of the shield hero.
11/4/2021 c3 2Shran
Loved the fact that you actually went to the effort to write a coded message for Asuma (chap 3) with his conversation at the ramen stand that generated the message you had them decipher - first time seeing someone doing it properly, most authors just fudge it - liking this so far - good work :)
11/4/2021 c47 7SilentSinger948
The battle being taken straight to Ame and Akatsuki was quite surprising. Two of their big members (Deirdara and Hidan) are down already. Even more surprising. I wonder how things will play out since Kuramamaru knows about Kaguya much earlier.
Watching Namikaze go further towards his downfall is such a delight.
11/4/2021 c46 AvatarUzumaki
oh man! great start but how Minato is acting. will he still have followers after what he did to his own people? oh so Naruto knows about kaguya now, so what will he do? and fyes he rescued han! also kushina is a bad ass like no other. hope hiding doesn't come back after what she did to him. I am very much looking forward to the next chapter
11/1/2021 c47 Charlotte
Oh man this was a great chapter i loved everything. Namikaze is losing his marbles how long will his living followers obey him after seeing him become unhinged like that? They can't still follow him loyally. I feel a mutiny on the rise.

Loved that black Zetsu is dead and also Hidan. Waiting with baited breath on whats going to happen next. Please update soon
11/1/2021 c47 Guest
Great chapter! Keep it up!
11/2/2021 c47 3iacopo.passerini
Ah eccoci qua con il namikaze che inizia a mostrare le sue crepe!
ora tutti i ninja che hanno visto che razza di persona è adesso scapperanno a gambe levate e si nasconderanno!
Poi ecco che Naruto e compagni si muovono contro Alba e li battono!
Ora la situazione è veramente incasinata anche se per il momento i ninja del bene sono in vantaggio anche se secondo me sarebbe ora d'informare tutti della situazione!
11/1/2021 c47 9Power of Magic
That was quite a chapter, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next one (which I hope you update soon). Looks like we're entering the endgame now, if the Shobikou ninja are attacking Ame and Namikaze's forces aren't as big as they used to be. Glad that Han was rescued, and that Zetsu is finally dealt with (plus, an interesting way for Kuramamaru to find out about Kaguya). Hope that things are well for you, and that you've had your vaccine injections
11/1/2021 c47 246vili
I'm suprised Minato hadn't ordered the extermination of the remaining Aburame clan after Shibi's attack on him. But then again, he desperately need every living and undead ninja he still has.
He might end up attacking any nearby village and use the locals to bring back more dead ninjas with Edo Tensei. Deidara is a possible candidate, IF Minato keeps his blood on the kunai he killed Deidara with (as the rest of his body is kinda blown to atoms).

I wouldn't even put it past Minato to somehow have DNA from all Akatsuki members in case they die somehow and he wish to use them further as fully controlled Edo zombies. But as his healing scene after Shibi's stunt showed it, he probably didn't considered that to be needed when he planned all those years ago, as he's on his last leg with barely any cards left in his hand so to speak.
So if the Akatsuki is taken out, he will only have his low morale army and his no-longer-unkillable zombies.

Always nice to read about how Kuramamaru and his allies mess up Namikaze's plans. Now the release of Han and killing Zetzu are another two on that list.

Keep up the good work.
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