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1/22 c48 wtf
Hey why you dont get pregnant hinata with kuramamaru and kushina with kurama
1/15 c43 Sable Dawn
Naruto has all the paths unlocked yes, who would he use as puppets for each of the paths?
1/14 c22 Sable Dawn
Would have been kinder to Anko to just chuck her though shoubikous borders.
1/14 c17 Sable Dawn
Do you think the edo tensei would left you use the human path to steal jutsu/techniques and knowledge from the deceased, Naruto could get all of Tsunde's neat chakra control. How much of a cooldown on the human path is there if they chose not to use it on Hiruzen? (the professor able to use most of Kohona's jutsu and who has considerable proficiency in elemental techniques )
1/14 c16 Sable Dawn
I often think that the beast mimicry technique of the inzuka's would really benefit the Naruto's taijutsu doubly so in this where he has animal features to begin with.
1/13 c48 AvatarUzumaki
such a good chapter. but how will Minato react when he finds Han gone and the whole akatsuki destroyed? oh i am super excited to see how he reacts lol hope you update soon and keep your amazing ideas flowing
1/13 c47 AvatarUzumaki
this chapter was awesome! they saved Han and killed zetzu! major blow to Minato! great story
12/30/2022 c48 2willam and jack and jake
12/14/2022 c48 7SilentSinger948
Thank you for finally updating. Hope the next chapter won't take as long.
Fastest I've ever seen the Akatsuki taken down. Wonder how this will derail Namikaze's plans.
12/14/2022 c48 Paul Lenzen
Damn good chapter
12/13/2022 c48 47Wolvmbm
Talk about a major takedown in this chapter. Makes me wonder what is left now that the Akatuski is gone as a major threat next to Minamoto and his army ?

Please do keep up the fantastic work on this amazing tale as I cannot wait to see what happens next.
12/13/2022 c48 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
12/13/2022 c48 15Leaf Ranger
Well there we go. akatsuki is down. Nice. Very nice. So that just leaves Minato and his group. Hopefully the coming battle won't result in too many casualties. .

And loved how Naruto said 'FU' to the trauma schtick, and the reference to Pein hurting Hinata there. Nicely done.

Keep it up!
12/12/2022 c48 MojoBlack
This was one of the most straight to the point, bad ass ways of having the good guys win I've ever seen.

Kurama chompin Kisame to pieces was funny as hell.
Hinata and Kuramaru wiping the floor with Nagato and Konan was done with such surgical precision.
12/12/2022 c48 246vili
Good to see this story is still going, especially so close to the end.

The battle against Akatsuki members seemed almost too easy.
But then again, they were well prepared, had the numbers and skills to take them out. Plus, maybe most of all, they had the element of suprise. A big plus considering what some of the remaining Akatsuki members were capable of.

For exapmle, in canon Konan prepared a literal tidal wave worth of paper bombs when she tried to kill Tobi. Had she the time to prepare THAT against Naruto and his allies, the outcome would had been different.

I wish you a Happy Holiday.
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