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6/26 c49 bastidaswilliam2005
Thanks for the chapter i read from the first again to remember better the plot
6/25 c1 wtfchrlz
Lol dude you went way too hard making Minato evil.
6/10 c20 1TiredofDownloadingRoms
The ending of chapter 20 had me gaping like a fish out of the water lol
5/28 c49 7SilentSinger948
So happy to finally see this story update! It's been years since the last chapter.

Looks like Kuramamaru is going to try becoming friends with his allies and not be so single minded in taking down Namikaze.

Sad to see Roshi go. At least he hindered Namikaze's plans.

Namikaze is losing his sanity more and more. I love it!
5/23 c49 Lonely-Kun
Oh. I've been waiting or this! It's nice that you give naruto the moral dillema for his moral compass.
5/19 c49 ClanV
A very ambitious chapter. Losing a jinchurikki to win a war, while Kuramamaru having an argument. Namikaze still doesnt know that his main enemies hide in the summons realm. What will Kushina and her son do when Mizu became another battlefield?
5/14 c49 Guest
Isn’t Indra’s line finally ended, meaning no more Transmigrants for him?
Where is Black Zetsu, I forget whether or not he is Kaguya’s creation or not in this story?
5/14 c49 Charlotte
Finally an update. Glad Ashura called Naruto out and poor Roshi. Tsume got what she had coming. The raikage ai. Namikaze
5/15 c49 3Nightshadegirl
oh, how wrong they are, namikaze will not be rewarding them
5/15 c1 Nob7
Of all frikin names in this world, you chose Kuramamaru?, are you for real or nah?, why in the ever lasting f*ck did you think it was a good name?, like wow I'm speechless..
5/14 c49 15Leaf Ranger
Well, glad Samui and Karui didn't buy it there in the battle with Minato. But wow, there goes Han...and Tsume. Pretty crazy, crazy indeed.

And hell of a talk for Naruto there. Gave him plenty to think about.

Good chapter, keep it up.
5/14 c49 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Minato's army is in ruin. His plans are in tatters. Even if only for a moment. Looking forward to more.
5/14 c49 13Power of Magic
Looks like Minato is finally more or less losing it and I think Kuramamaru becoming friends with his allies is good, as that'll stop them from being afraid with him. Here's hoping that they'll be able to stop Minato and soon
5/14 c49 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
5/14 c49 1yeaaaahhhh I read
And now my main problem with this iteration of Naruto was adressed, and he was called out on it, and it made him change the way he does things.

Also, I can tell someone changed your mind or brought up to your attention about part 1 Sauske and his characterization

im glad you acknowledged this Narutos inhernet simillarites with this iteration of Sasuke as well.
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