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for Window in Your Heart

10/12/2017 c7 Guest
You can't do this! OMG I'm gonna die if you don't complete it!
I just love so much the Sandor that you describe.
9/7/2017 c7 YulieStark.1119
I love this ahhh ! please update !
12/15/2014 c7 crushnotsosecret
I just started reading this fic and i would love to keep at it. Could you send me the link for the other site on a PM response?
4/19/2014 c1 119ZabuzasGirl
Update immediately, please!
3/20/2014 c7 6SetMeFree1
so good! youre a great writer!
1/31/2014 c2 1ChappaEyebrow
I've read this chapter twice (once some time ago, don't remember exactly when), and it made me cry both times!
7/4/2013 c2 wartcap
This is the most beautiful chapter in the fandom. I love it!
6/23/2013 c7 MYVACATION
I'm so new to this site... what is AO3?
6/23/2013 c7 7Underthenorthernlights
Heading right over there now I AM SO EXCITED!
6/9/2013 c6 6Anoriel Russandol
please continue! I wonder how you will continue this journey.
3/28/2013 c6 cala
Wait, what? Is this the end of the story? Noooo, please continue!
11/21/2012 c2 3Brimseye
: l You made me cry. :P
11/21/2012 c1 Brimseye
T.T aww
11/15/2012 c6 4voodooqueen126
This is good and worth continuing.
11/15/2012 c5 voodooqueen126
This hints at one of the best things about SanSan is that Sansa does not have to wear armour with him.
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