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1/7/2019 c17 Guest
Well if you were ever going to finish this story I can guess how it would've gone either they put red in the fountain and he is revived then miles claims leaf loves red and tells Fredrick she should be with him so he agrees and red and leaf get together. Or miles uses his healing power on red and dies because apparently if you use it on someone who's dead you die in their place and then red and leaf appreciate the sacrifice and get together either way that's what I'm guessing you would've done
1/6/2019 c12 Guest
Yeah this is straight from uncharted 3 not that I mind in fact I'm kind of glad I never see the uncharted franchise get any references so this is quite cool only problem is I know what's gonna happen
1/6/2019 c10 Guest
Chapter 10 makes me think of uncharted 3 when talbat shot a dart at Nate and when Charlie was choking him this review is late but if you ever see it is uncharted where u got this from
1/27/2017 c1 1jordanlink7856
D'awww, got that childhood crush type of feel, regardless of how old they actually are.
7/4/2016 c1 Neo
2/3/2016 c1 Guest
What the fuck... It ends there! That's it? Fuck I just died from curiosity at what happens next
4/6/2015 c17 PKMNMasterRed
i fucking died.
4/2/2015 c17 xSKILLETFANx
JASDPSAHDFPSADVBSADIUV SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW! I wanna cry from the sadness but im too shocked to cry, and these scenes were so epic so I'm also happy because it was so good!
4/2/2015 c16 xSKILLETFANx
This is the best chapter you have ever written. Wow oh wow. I mean i'm really good with picturing the scene in my head. But the pain he is enduring i can't even picture what that must feel like.
4/2/2015 c14 xSKILLETFANx
I'm speechless. What is there to say? I am in utter shock. What a brutal way to be exposed.
4/2/2015 c13 xSKILLETFANx
Phew this was a dramatic and steamy chapter! Very well written. :D
3/31/2015 c9 xSKILLETFANx
AMAZING CHAPTER! I love how the father accepts him. But i wish you actually wrote the scene where leaf saw red shoot himself and the events that followed. I really wanted to picture in grave detail the reactions from yellow and leaf and everyone else. Although the scene was explained to red by Frederick, i think it would have been much better to experience the scene actually happening. But anyways, that was my favorite moment so far.
3/31/2015 c8 xSKILLETFANx
3/31/2015 c7 xSKILLETFANx
Hmm i wish Red would have thought about it more. I mean he was quick to say no to Yellow. I feel he should have been shocked a little longer. In a way this scene, and the scene where Red is in Leaf's room, i feel, was a bit rushed. But still, fantastic scenes :)
3/31/2015 c6 xSKILLETFANx
im surprised Leaf forgave him so quickly. I mean he didn't even explain to her about Yellow. He just said they were friends...
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