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for Long Distance Call

6/5/2018 c1 kkinnissongmail
11/1/2012 c1 3FiyoriTakeshi
I loved brotherhood much better also and damn...now I am soo curious about how this crossover would turn out. If you ever have time...feel free to continue this fic _
10/27/2012 c1 Guest
You're just going to let it end there? Dang, you're cruel, but I loved this anyway.
10/26/2012 c1 killroy225
nice story, a sequel would be nice.
10/25/2012 c1 FatesShadow83
Uh…just on the off chance that you are a real person and I've not gone completely crazy and I'm not just talking to myself right now…I'm not telling."

Best line ever!
10/25/2012 c1 1RandomAsRainbows
okay, I really love this idea!
Please continue it as a story!
I promise I'll read it!
10/25/2012 c1 29Sakura Lisel
The old coot HAS to be kidding if he REALLY though that Harry would REALLY tell him where he was so he can 'come get him'. Come get him and do what? Take him away from the only life and family he knows and loves to come back to the magical world and put HIS life in danger fulfilling a prophecy that means NOTHING to him, in order to 'save' the lives of PEOPLE who mean NOTHING to him who ONLY want him back so he can save their lives at the expense of his own life? And after 'explaining' things to him, Dumbledore was really dumb enough to think Harry would care about all those things like prophecy's and dark lords and REALLY be dumb enough to think Harry would tell how to come get him when he could remain SAFE and HAPPY with his life and family that he has now and let the magical world deal with Voldemort themselves? *lol*

PLEASE continue this. No way the old coot is going to let this go now that he knows for sure that Harry is alive. Since the Long Distance Call failed in dragging Harry back 'home' is he going to try again, or even try and send Fawkes there to drag Harry back once he recasts the spell? If ANYONE could travel worlds and dimensions to drag Harry back, it should be Fawkes I think. *lol*

though I think you should also show how Harry knows Edward. Who's been raising Harry all these years after his arrival in the FMA world. And what does Harry mean by he 'gave up' his magic in order to keep his limbs? How did remember his old name when he was only 15 months old when he was sent away and couldn't just get a brand new name from whoever found him? When and how did that happen? And WHICH FMA is this crossover involved in? Brotherhood or the other one?
10/25/2012 c1 Guest
Like the idea of this leading to be more than a one shot.
10/25/2012 c1 5Dark Neko 4000
What will happen next
10/25/2012 c1 moonglazerz
10/25/2012 c1 reviewer74
Great chapter please continue it!
10/25/2012 c1 6theNewDesire
"Yer a muggle, Harry."
"I'm a what?"

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