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for The Crystal, The Silver, and The Sky

9/30/2016 c4 22D C JoKeR H S
(And cute!)
9/4/2013 c4 7Rikka-tan
Sometimes Hibari's personality became his most disadvantage :3
I can't wait to see the skylark claim what was his XD
5/8/2013 c4 04reine
You're good at this. *Wipes blood from nosebleeding*
Fujoshi mode, activeted 3
4/6/2013 c4 Rikkai and hyotei lover
please update soon
btw hibari means skylark not kyoya
2/13/2013 c4 13Dame-Yuki
This was really good :) thanks for the story
1/4/2013 c4 4rentamiya
This is interesting
12/29/2012 c4 1oOKaKuroShipperOo
Keep writing it :"
You' re doing very good job
I like your view about 1827 :")
But you still need a beta-reader. Really. Any authors need that. So don't worry.
They 'll make your fic more perfect
12/8/2012 c4 Yoru
1827 again .
I like this fic too
But, I found some double words and word that don't match the sentence (grammar wrong)
Maybe you can check again before you publish your fic. You can check chapter that you publish before and correct them too :)
Can't wait for next chapter :)
11/26/2012 c4 fictionlover27713
Awww this is cute and nicely thought out. There's a couple of grammar mistakes so I recommend more editing but I really really like the story. I look forward to more. XD
11/18/2012 c4 Final Syai Lunar Generation
wow O-O only 4 reviews last chappie?! damn those followers are lame :I lol :3 but nice chappie xD nice and long :P lol so long xD but yea :3 made me tear up a little with How adorable Tsuna is and what happened :P an also the flashback. i wonder what happened to his mom. :P i bet she died xD lol :3 but yea :D i wonder how Mukuro's gonna take it :P lol i hope he just wanted to be friendly with Tsuna D: cause he's too smexy and hawt and surprisingly nice to get heart broken D: D: D: D: lol :3 but yea :D awesome :3 and all that jazz :3 Tsuna was also adorable xD

Keep up the good work and cant wait to see how the plot will develop! :3
11/18/2012 c4 4codenumber6
Awwh soo adorable a jelous kyo-kun! Kyo-kuns past is so sad I even got teary eyed. Update soon!
11/17/2012 c4 Code-00
yay and new chapter! XD i cant wait to see what happens with hibari's and tsuna's relationship :3. Keep up the good work!
11/3/2012 c3 Code-00
this is amazing! :D but poor tsu-kun :C i hope things get better between those two! anyways amazing story XD keep up the good work
10/31/2012 c3 Final Syai Lunar Generation
*points like an excited child* look look my names up there *sparkling bunny eyes* xD :3 but gawd my names there :D sorry if my reviews like... e.o a day late? :L lol :D but yea freaking awesome D: i think i cried a little inside when Hibari just went with his pride. and OMG that was so mean D: you freaking took Tsuna Virgin lips just to satify your curiosity?! my GAWD thats evil Hibari :L poor Tsuna D: and lol :3 i wonder when the bad guys is coming ooh :S i guess it'll take awhile since it took some time with Hibari :3 now It's Mukuro's turn :3 kyaa smexy guys :3 and yay i love smexy guys :D but noes Tsuna D: i think you hurt your leg even more when you fell off the bed :P lol itd be so weird if Tsuna got even MORE hurt during gym *wink wink* xD just throwing out some ideas w xD but yea :3 awesome AND OMG TSUNA'S SO FREAKING CUTE :D

Keep up the good work and cant wait to see how the plot will develop! :3
10/31/2012 c3 3Iwataki
Aw man, I'm sorry you burned yourself. That's never any fun, especially when you need your hands to type and things like that.

Now I'll begin ranting here: Hibari is an idiot! How can he let his pride get in the way of his feelings! Typical guy, though -_- So now he can't say anything about Tsuna hanging with Mukuro. Ugh!

Ok, ranting done. Can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next chapter. .
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