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for Born into Wickedness

8/10 c9 Guest
Wait! 2013 tf? Dude come through with more chapters
8/10 c9 Guest
You ended Sealkeeper. So do make more of this.
7/27 c9 FoxSage001
Please don’t forget about ayame!
6/16/2021 c9 flowy
esta serie es una sola cosa...
pd estas muy caliente *pulgar arriba al estilo jiraya*
12/20/2020 c9 Echoside
Isn't this 'Slaves to a Sealmaster' by oraldeviant?
1/27/2020 c9 Apple424
Man you just have to update this... this is just a tease damn
1/26/2020 c9 joey91731
plzzz update i love this story.
1/11/2020 c9 Apple424
Damn I really want to see the next chapter plzzzz update
12/4/2019 c9 33Imperial-samaB
This is a marvelous story which deserves to be continued
1/25/2019 c2 DirtyFaggot
pls kys and remove this trash
11/18/2018 c7 Chue19
I think thats very mature of him tbh
9/11/2018 c9 CaptBurrito
May the perversion be with you!
8/26/2018 c9 21Spidey2
HOTT! He should impregnate Benihime-Chan and Kurenai-Chan; followed by Hinata, Karin, and Kin; with Karin being last as Naruto finds out she is an Uzumaki as well, and they both put their legendary Uzumaki stamina to the test while having sex...
8/25/2018 c8 joey91731
love this story hope Ino gets involved with Kurenai if u know what i mean
8/1/2018 c9 Guest
May the perversion leave you.
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