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for You Got It All Wrong

4/7/2015 c2 X
I love it! Oh muy god, it's hilarious! Update please
7/2/2014 c2 19roseangel013
what will happen to roy?
8/26/2013 c2 Nyx811
8/19/2013 c2 2animegal1357
good but needs more detail... please continue
8/18/2013 c2 ActiveNeverAgain
Sweet update, can't wait to read what's going to happen :)
8/17/2013 c1 64numbuh13m
please update it real soon, hehe, roys screwed
4/12/2013 c1 23TooCreative4Life
Your stories are all addicting and hilarious. I can't find more to say about them. They are perfect.
10/29/2012 c1 3SpeedIronDetective32
Heeheee. Poor Roy... :D Cnt wait for next ch! :D
10/27/2012 c1 Guest
Major LOL! This was really funny xD
10/27/2012 c1 19colerfulldarkness666
aaawww mother henning Barry lmao!

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