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12/21/2013 c1 2Skeeter69
Realizing this story was published over a year ago, let me congratulate you on a piece well done. Nico is a favorite character of mine. He makes a very interesting character study. Your piece as presented from Dani's POV was spot on in my opinion. The most stressful events of life bring out intense emotions and the scene in the Pittman office was very realistic. Loved the intrusion of Matt into the intimate happenings. Your scene in the parking lot between Dani and Matt was kinder than most writers have treated him. Nico and Dani are definitely intense, intricate people. Now that their show has been canceled would you consider keeping them alive and write more of their story?
2/16/2013 c1 3SheliaLuvsWTR4EVER
Wow, I have no idea why you were doubting yourself when you started writing stories for NR. Because obviously you have a talent, a great talent for writing. You are so a fav I have added and will stay in my list as writers I love to read from. I loved this story so much. I salute you. Thank you for a great read. Sheliaee :-)
12/18/2012 c1 30Gadhar
Mhmm, gotta love me some Nico.
Man, when Matt saw them- holy chiz.
But still Nico and Dani- jeez he is SO in love with her. They should just get together. I would not have a problem if something like this little fic here happened on the show.
Lovely thing you got here :)
10/31/2012 c1 mika
loved it
10/29/2012 c1 32lily moonlight
Hello :) Congratulations on your win! It was very much deserved :D It's a great story! It felt very smooth and natural to read and the storyline and the narrative drew me in. There was also some great suspense with them both in the office, and wondering if they would be caught, because they were doing something kind of inappropriate. But then, sometimes things like funerals are appropriate for high emotions, so it didn't feel wrong that it happened. I liked also the addition of Dani helping Juliette, kind of in return for Nico helping Ray Jay. That felt right, too. I knew you wouldn't have been able to resist adding some pain for the characters but overall I got a feeling of happiness and a good future for them :)
10/29/2012 c1 21SciFiRN
So, yes I can believe this won the challenge and it is excellent. Great job! Loved it :D
10/29/2012 c1 Lisa1972
This is an excellent piece! You do good work, I'd love to see you write more of these two.
10/28/2012 c1 1ladyofkeegan
hot hot hot...great story
10/28/2012 c1 Scorpio Girl
You can feel their desire in your writing style, fantastic story. I agree, another parallel story from Nico's point of view would be fun. Congrats on the Danico Fanfiction challenge win. I hope all the other writers post their stories soon.
10/28/2012 c1 rc1984
Could you write another one from nico's point of view. This one was wonderful, and i think the other point of view would round it off nicely.
10/28/2012 c1 1almostfamou5
10/28/2012 c1 Guest
Oh my! That was an excellent piece! You are really good at the smut! :)

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