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3/15/2018 c2 StrangeJenny
Brilliant start! Please keep writing?
I know it’s a crossover and you don’t get much traffic out here. But I know the characters from Revolution and I think you are going kinda with the plot/setting of the hunger games.
Could be really good. But I realise this was a wee while ago. Just thought I’d tell you it’s good so far
- a Scottish reader
3/5/2013 c2 Yessiree
Continue pleaseeeee! I love the idea
12/29/2012 c2 28theonlineidofme
Two things, Danny has asthma, not allergies, and you write myself like thand and not my- self. Just a few tidbits, can't wait to read more. :D
12/29/2012 c1 theonlineidofme
This is very interesting and I shall read more!
12/23/2012 c2 eqiotgrioh't23
A little confusing. Is Charlie replacing Katniss, or is Katniss there with her? Anyway, good story.
11/7/2012 c1 xX-Kasai-Xx
Very good.
I had the countdown echoing in my head as I was reading this.
I'll be waiting for your next update.
11/4/2012 c1 eqiotgrioh't23
WOw. This is a cliffie. MORE please...?
10/31/2012 c1 2Hailstar32
what happens next

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