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for An Older Sisters Love

8/23/2020 c5 Guest
can you pls contiuo this story
8/16/2020 c3 coffeedrinker62a
Only one little problem with this story, you left out how two people who are in love with each other would react in romantic situations. Especially Ichika, since he is a young teen and hormonally charged. I mean any boy with a sister as gorgeous as Chifuyu would be fighting a certain constant stiffness. Can't through out biology as it makes this story a bit too constrained leaving Ichika to almost be a eunuch.
Mention both of their struggles with lust and it would make for a more realistic story.
However, as I have mentioned in other reviews, this is a well-written story.
1/7/2020 c5 GrumpyGrue
It would have been hilarious if all the other girls were blindfolded, tied up, gagged, and forced to listen to Chifuyu and Ichika go at it for hours on end. Then Chifuyu could mock them, and say she forever cockblocked them.
1/7/2020 c4 GrumpyGrue
She should wear that necklace around Cecilia and smirk at her like the cat that caught the canary. It'll get that cunt to gnash her teeth with impotent fury!
1/7/2020 c3 GrumpyGrue
Incest bleh! But still, better than all the THOTs that surround Ichika. Take that Houki, Rin, Charlotte, Cecilia, Laura! Honne though, she never was a bitch to Ichika right? But this story's premise was never about her.

Only thing that could be better now, is if Ichika and Chifuyu kicked the other girl's asses, as a team. And Maya being wingwoman. Dying for the sins of the school, and being resurrected Jesus style. Or Chifuyu coming back like in the Shin Arc of Fist of the North Star to get revenge when the other girls try to torture her for Ichika. Tabane wouldn't be happy with Houki then? Would she sacrifice her best friend Chifuyu to appease her evil little sister?
1/7/2020 c1 GrumpyGrue
And executing the other girls discreetly. That'll also be the key to making Ichika stay. Go yandere Chifuyu!
12/30/2019 c5 AlimeLover123
This is fucking awesome! I want more like this relationship with chifuyu and ichika is so fucking KAWAII! (cute) and I can't wait for more of your work
10/25/2019 c5 Exo Ais
Dude, please upload the next chapter. It is an amazing fic.
9/22/2019 c5 coffeedrinker62a
This is an excellent chapter.
7/22/2019 c5 TSB2017
i'll look forward to this next chapter!
5/23/2019 c1 kasimrox3009
Update again plz
5/5/2019 c5 Fruitloops
First off, holy fuckin hell dude.

I’ve gone through a lot of the M rated IS fanfics but I’ve never seen this before. Thank fucking god you updated so I could see this masterpiece lmao. Thank you so very much for writing this pairing because i fucking love chifuyu and the massage scene oml (I see your a man of culuture as well). Please update if you have the time (you posted this in 2012 lmao).

4/24/2019 c5 4Ivanov117
Amazing as always. Thanks!
4/22/2019 c5 Wallacegromit
I'm happy to see that this fanfic is not dead. It has been a few years so I did not know if you even knew about it I and others a glad you did. I hope that you continue the story and have fluff and later on some lemons. This is one of the best IS stories out there and was sad when it appeared to be dead. I love this pairing (some say gross) because they fit together and compliment each other nicely and more than anything they make each other happy. Hope to read more chapters soon :)
4/20/2019 c5 Guest
Please continue
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