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4/25/2019 c2 Stardust Pie
It was Curse of the Black Pearl?! Darn it!
4/25/2019 c1 Stardust Pie
Good news: I know this is a Pirates of the Carribien movie. Bad news: I can’t remember the original title.
11/11/2013 c3 KittyKat5090
This is way too funny for FanFiction...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! XD
4/12/2013 c3 Guest
Silver's part was awesome in this.
4/12/2013 c1 Guest
XD This was funny!
4/12/2013 c4 7Reaper7
If this is average, I want to see all-out pandemonium! Oh, the destruction! The chaos! The chili-dogs! The sweet sweet coffee! I fucking love coffee!
Weird screaming aside, Good job, sorta. Not too bad, not too good, it's just... meh. Yeah, that should deffinitely be a word. 'Meh'. I'd like that.
3/16/2013 c3 22Advocate-No.267
Good story, I liked the parts with silver and scourge the best.
1/30/2013 c3 34Toxicological
Y U NO UPDATE?! *Reads reason* I officially hate sickness... And School... except the cafeteria food, that's yummy... ANYWAYS!
Awesome chappie! Loved it!
Knuckles, you silly, ol' echidna, you! Everyone knows shovel claw does it! :D
Blank discs? Anythin' to do with the TOP-SECRET discs Charmy goes on about?
Hey, Scourge! You heard this? 'No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!' Ah, de scene was HILARIOUS. 'I'LL SUE!'
Silver plus Shop equals Crisis City.
-Toxic :)
1/30/2013 c3 7Reaper7
Ah Tails, always looking on the bright side. Nicely said!
And of course, poor Scourge going crazy with ignorance. I guess that's what happens when you don't pay attention to stuff on the TV.
Can't wait to see more!
1/30/2013 c3 Random Person
HA! I'm glad Shadow was in this! Awesome idea! I'm just curious, but what are Blaze, Shadow, and Rouge's roles? Will Cream, Vanilla, and some others be in this?
Ok, enough questions. Yay! Please don't take so long to update this time!
xRandom Personx
11/29/2012 c2 5TatlTails
Hahahaha(keeps going forever)hahaha! That was hilarious. Actually made me laugh for reals. Loved it.
11/28/2012 c2 6ExotheBoss
Great fic and chapter! Why is that? CUZ I SAID SO! SO SHADDAP!
11/28/2012 c2 34Toxicological
Find the computer room!
LOL! Somebody's been playin' THAT game again! XD
Does Silver work at Pizza Hut by any chance? XD
YAY! Captain Prower!
The epicness begins here... :D
Lookin' forward to the next chappie!
-Toxic : )
11/28/2012 c2 7Reaper7
Yeah, I was wondering when someone would say that about the camera. Heh, classic.
And that's a good question! How the crap do you practice with chilidogs! Swords, people! They're using swords! They're not having a cook-off, they're using swords!
Anyway, good chapter! Nicely done, and I don't have any complaints. Hope to see more soon!
11/2/2012 c1 Reaper7
You have fun writing this, then! The rest of us will have fun joining you in the ride! Can't wait to see more soon!
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