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10/30/2016 c1 1Riddle-Snape
aaaw, it's good, this could be longer fic
1/18/2015 c1 54puffin
Seem rushed. To me it seems like you could had slowed it down some. At a bit more of a back story. Like how did Harry get there? How old was Harry when Roy adopted him? Why did Roy adopt him? How did Harry and the Elric brothers? Thinks like that. If you ever do decide to make this story longer I would love to read it. Other then seemly rushed it was a good story.
8/17/2014 c1 The Missing 3000
Can you please make this one the story? It is very hard to find Ed/Harry fanfics around here!
6/2/2014 c1 3maxgoof296
My opinion on which you should continue is you should continue both, do the original first and then show what would have happened if he hadn't been adopted but became the lover and boyfriend of one of the Elrics.
1/29/2014 c1 1Bashirisuku
update soon?
2/28/2013 c1 lupa
Squeee! It is so hard to find ed/Harry romances! And the back story is exiting oh u hope you continue this one!
11/16/2012 c1 hitomi65
nice story
10/31/2012 c1 16queenusagi
I like this, but if you're going to chose between the two, I'd rather have the other fic as the longer one.
10/29/2012 c1 FatesShadow83
10/29/2012 c1 Guest
Ed and Harry in a relationship? The way you presented it, awesome. Harry as Mustang's adopted kid? AWESOME. Al threatening Harry's giblets if he ever hurts Ed? Bloody Awesome.

The amount of infodump opening this chapter was, however, less awesome than the amusing in media res of your first effort. I wouldn't mind if you continued this one, but it needs an edit.

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