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4/26 c12 1ginalyle
I love your story. How you wrote the Leverage crew is pretty spot on. Can't wait to read more. If you are short on ideas could you maybe include some flashbacks to the gang raising Harry?
4/16 c9 12Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Please tell me Harry will have the self-respect to dump Ron like the rotten fish he is the second he shows himself for the fame-clinging, fair-weather friend he is. _

He may be a nice kid deep down...under about fifty layers of selfishness, and about 200 layers of biggotry... and fun to hang with...

...but he's also jealous, envious, demanding, and gets pissy the second Harry does or get anything more or better than he does.

Ron is the kind of guy who feels he deserves to be rich and famous without having to lift a finger. And if someone works hard to become a prefect, he is jealous and believe HE deserve it more than they did, despite not even trying himself.

That's just how he thinks. The world is terribly unfair in Ron's spoiled, insecure, little mind.

Having a ton of kids is not a recipe for healthy children. Molly has no chance in Hell to give everyone enough attention, and Success as a means to get attention is already occupied by the oldest 3, while Troublemaking is taken by the next two. And his baby sister stole his place as the cute one.

I see why Ron's messed up, but he's still an ass.

I AM looking forward to see how he plan to twist Hermione to the less stick-up-her-ass way and make her stop relying on authorety figures tho. _

She's an excellent choice for his team -at least in research.

Never seen a hint that she's actually smart. If she was, her spellwork would be better, because when you -understand- what you read (as opposed to just quote the exact phrasing of the book like a parrot), your spellwork would be equally as good as your essays... but she has mad research and memorisation skills.

I love this story thus far! _
4/16 c8 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
If the hat let everyone CHOOSE where to go, the Sorting would be completely pointless, and they might as well just have a sign-up sheet.

In the book the hat tests Harry to find if he might be able to spark ambition -which would have sent him to Slytherin-, but finds non, and so sends him to Gryffindor.

What made your hat go against the purpose it was made for and sort Harry into a house that was not the main fit for him?

(Granted, gryffindoor DO fit him. You can't be a Con Man without Confidence and Bravery out the wazoo.)
4/16 c7 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Is a con artist like Harley REALLY considering turning down the chance to befriend the social elite (and scam them out of their money), in favor of befriending a biggotted, pushy, poor person with bad manners and a high likelyhood to rat him out to the cops if he doez anything actually illegal, or at least is a risk of giving away his secrets? Oo

At least he didn't burn any bridget yet, but still...

I admit I haven't gotten around to see Leverage yet (I just love con artists), but this version of Harry thinks like a Mark, not a Con Artist.

But maybe that's pair for the course in Leverage, or they just didn't teach him well. Heck if I know. Lol

The story is still good tho.

And Molly helping muggleborns as a rule actually offers a benevolent explanation to the otherwise sinister way she acts by yelling out the train details and loudly speaking about Muggles.

She has at LEAST 5 years pre-Ron, times twice a year 10 times, that she has been to that platform before. I guarantee she hasn't forgotten the platform number.

AND she's breaking the Stature of Securety, that her husband works to uphold in his job, by yelling like she does. Also not possible an accident.

I always assumed dumbledore's bumbling "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions" manipulations. Which makez Ron seem like an even bigger golddigger than we know he is.

But your theory places it in a less manipulative light. Something to consider. *Ponders*
4/15 c6 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Soooo... Harlin is a malable person, with a quiet, small personality, and a need to protect people?

Because that's exactly what his wand says about him; Harlin's personality is EXACTLY like it was in the origional book series.

If his personality was different, he'd need a different wand.

Length, how suple, flexible or rigid the wand is... the wood, the core... everything changes drastically with personality.

I REALLY hope you don't plan to make him act like an idiotic hero like in the books too. It would make no sense at all, and subtract from an otherwise very good story.

There's a few other illogical details in it, but they're fairly small, so I won't bother mentioning them.

I just hope the story does not rub too closely to the origional canon story, and that you take Cause and Effect, and his New personality (and with it new decitions) into consideration.

That said, I really enjoy this story.

You are quite brilliant at writing conversations, and move the story along at a good pace -much better than most ff writers manage. _

(Although you could benefit greatly from studying the concept of "Show, Don't Tell", but there is a ton of YouTube videos you can learn that from.)

Overall I look forward to see how this goes. With some luck, it may turn out to be a GREAT story! _
3/27 c12 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
12/31/2021 c12 21Duchess67
Oh my, this is hilarious! I really hope you can continue it one day. I'm loving how you've changed things up here and there and can't help but wonder just how much more different you'll take it. Hopefully a LOT! LOL
12/2/2021 c12 xxxLeanniexxx
He attracts trouble no matter the universe!
9/25/2021 c12 Guest
You’ve got me on the edge of my seat! Can’t wait to read what happens next! Loving your story!
6/8/2021 c3 32Jake Crepeau
Printing press? Um, wizards DO know about typewriters, though it seems only authors use them; after all, there was one on prominent display in Newt Scamander's suitcase quarters. And since McGonagall's father was a Muggle, she'd know about them, too. At the very least, she might suspect a typewriter with a Mylar ribbon; the old cloth ones left a slightly fuzzy-looking imprint as compared to the Mylar, which produces something almost as crisp as an inkjet printer.
4/28/2021 c12 12Village-Mystic
Enjoyed this chapter, character moments, alternate plot points, and ripples of change outward.
4/28/2021 c11 Village-Mystic
Continuing to enjoy the AU plot moments and character moments.
4/28/2021 c10 Village-Mystic
Enjoying this story. Thanks for crafting and sharing it.
4/28/2021 c7 Village-Mystic
Enjoying socially astute, friendly-but-tricky Harry.
4/28/2021 c6 Village-Mystic
Owl or ice-cream next, I wonder.
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