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8/31 c12 11Esmereilda
lol macusa guy has to deal with one very determined no maj
8/30 c4 Esmereilda
do try to con a conman even if merely by omission
8/30 c2 Esmereilda
i love it XD
8/30 c1 Esmereilda
lol this is hilarious XD
8/25 c12 Guest
Amazing story hope to see updates.
8/15 c12 ripper34
Good story
8/12 c12 Guest
looking forward to new updates.
7/28 c12 forestwander
awesome story
6/12 c12 milesk
It's great to read this again (with a new chapter since last I came by!)
Love your characterisations and the storyline.
Thanks so much for sharing!
4/6 c12 1mayawene
Thanks for this story
3/30 c12 steve.moore.9081323
Great story looking forward to more thanks for sharing
3/20 c12 4Padfoot'smyMan
This is my first Leverage/Harry Potter xover and I must say that it is very good. I keep getting unexpected chuckles. I especially love that you renamed Hedwig to Ponzi. Most appropriate. Keep up the wonderful updates.
2/1 c12 Love2read23
This story is brilliant! I was so hoping that JP would go to an American school to avoid all the Hogwarts drama but i guess that misses the point of the story. I love how JP has turned out and how he is with his family. I hope that Sophie managed to get a floo connection. I would love the Leverage crew getting into the wizarding world and pulling everything in JP's favor. I think Parker could sneak into Hogwarts.
1/28 c1 Kagey98
OK. I love Leverage, I love Parker, and I'm loving this story! Thank you for sharing your talent!
1/27 c12 misherukuro
Love this story. Thanks for continuing to share you writing.
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