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1/25 c12 Guest
I like this story. Why didn't the American magic school sent a letter too? Will Snape become nicer (if he meets the others/Eliot)? In canon, Eliot and Parker and Hardison are romantically together in 2013/end 2012. Are they in this story too?
1/23 c12 Guest
I look forward to more.

This updating after so long really made my day.
1/23 c1 Traveler301
Good first chapter. Nothing not to like here. Please keep it up.
Ron Pate
1/22 c2 Joy is overrated
rereading thru this and I can't wait for everybody's reaction to the danger jp would be in, nate flashbacks to his son and begins plans, Elliott and his guardin complex bringing the old him back, Sophie teaching every mother how to rip some1 to shreds with words, parker with gloves off and turning into a ninja assassin, and hardison losing himself to his work and pulling a mad scientist. this could go many different ways and I'm looking forawrd to it.
1/22 c1 Guest

This is one of my top 5 favorite fics of all time!

The fact that you updated and didn't forget about it warms my heart in ways you can't understand!
1/22 c12 Guest
What an excellent fic. Thanks so much for sharing it with us
1/17 c12 Guest
I'd never heard of Leverage before (might need to watch it - looks enjoyable), but I love the premise of this fanfic. If you can make some fun and interesting uses of Harry's abilities (even if you do need to stick to the rails of canon to move the plot forward), then this should be an excellent fic to read. Always love to see alternately-raised Harrys expressing cool skills.

Thanks for taking the time to write and share this!
1/16 c12 Bedrup
A long lost friend with an interesting story to tell is always a delight to see
1/16 c12 DuskPuffin
Wonderful as always I see! Good to see you again, I’ll admit to being a tad surprised when this updated
1/16 c12 4Ismeme Daughter of Athena
Ah! You're back! Lovely as ever, love the mischief and motherly commiseration/wink wink nudge nudge between Mrs. Weasley and Sophie. Completely understand the delay and all, life is hard enough without deadlines and expectations for purely voluntary activities, but I was wondering if you were planning on finishing Gabriel up eventually? I'll wait as long as necessary, but would like to know if it should be completed at some point, or if I shall simply have to wallow in my disappointment. Seriously, Gabriel is one of my very favorite WIPs!
Hoping you are well, and Happy Late New Year!
1/15 c12 6Multipule-Characters1-Acct
Hey, this updated! Yeah I know what you mean, life gets in the way of lots of things. Take your time and make the best story you can.
1/15 c12 The-Raving-Cheshire-Cat
Oh this update made me so happy!
I love Harry being adopted by Leverage team, though this is really the only story out there that I know of.
Hope that he puts Blaise on his crew, I love how every author take a unique spin with his character though almost everyone has him with some sort of criminal ties.
Glad you want to finish this story though, best of luck, may inspiration strike you hard!
1/14 c12 Thenchick
1/14 c12 Grovek26
Good chapter.
1/14 c12 VioletZap
I'm so glad you decided to update! Leverage is one of my favorite shows and there is a severe shortage of HP/Leverage crossovers. I love the idea of Harry, or JP, following in Nate's footsteps and getting a Leverage team of his own. It seems like he's got a good mix of the Leverage team's personalities too. Please update again soon! I don't think my heart could take waiting!
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