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1/14 c12 23Rori Potter
Wow. Update soon.
1/14 c12 3SakuraKoi
So good
1/14 c12 SkylerHollow
Seems like good story. Looking forward to the shenanigans JP gets up to and when he will join forces with the twins.
1/13 c12 23white tiger freak
I can just imagine Harlin just thinking and then shrugging during the last line! Hahahahaha! Love the update! Good luck on the rest of the story!
1/13 c6 Kyle
There is one thing I don't like about this book so far, it's that you had him get the holly wand when he grew up different, he should have had a different wand.
1/13 c12 Jostanos
And a grand adventure like never before!
1/13 c12 laraquick
Fun doings this chapter. Thank you for the update.
1/13 c12 4bookgirl18
I was really happy to see you update this story! I hope everything is good IRL.
1/13 c12 TinDolphin
You’re back! I love the story and can’t wait for more
1/13 c12 2LittleAngel2292
omfg lol great chapter I loved it so much omfg
1/13 c12 4Zaralann
1/13 c12 Guest
A unexpected, but wholeheartedly welcome, update. I admit I had forgotten about this fic, but I’m glad to be reminded! I definitely subscribed for a reason, and now I’m going to have to reread from the beginning to find out just why Sophie is American. I loved Molly and I’m happy that you’re not bashing any characters (especially Ron).
1/27/2019 c11 1RoseeQueen
Ahhh I would so love to see how this pans out!
1/20/2019 c11 Guest
Aww, it stinks that this started updating. I really wanted to see JP rappelling down the staircases!
12/23/2018 c9 BookWyrm
""At least you packed your lock picks," she said, though she sounded unsure of her faith in this statement.

"Of course!" He felt suitably chastised.

"My turn," said Uncle Nate from the background.

"Get in lots of trouble!" Auntie Parker said as she passed along the phone. JP grinned.

"Do not get in trouble," Uncle Nate said sternly.

"Yes sir," said JP earnestly. "I promise not to get caught"
Good thinking! :D

I really like this story :) :D
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