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for Bend Around the Wind

7/10 c100 natashaa78
WOW! This is definitely one of my favorite stories. The relationship between Loki and Tony was such a pleasure to read, it developed so well. I really love the crew, especially Hatchet. This was a gem.
7/2 c1 dropspun
I've read your entire fanfic and consider it one of the best Avengers fics online. I particularly liked the slow burn of Tony and Loki from enemies, then being forced to rely on each other to escape, to grudging respect, then to friendship and only then, to lovers. You have also - IMHO - have created some of the best Original Characters I've ever seen, which has helped show the main protagonists grow, in protecting their "crew", especially when Loki stepped out of his perceived character and adopted his own "stray". The character of the elf was inspired, and I much enjoyed the wedding at the end.

One of the most satisfying stories on the internet. You show a high amount of skill in plotting and fleshing out characters (I do enjoy not being always able to predict what will happen next!).

I hope you keep writing. It would be nice to see a sequel - but I shouldn't be greedy - and wanted to thank you for all the free entertainment you provided to so many of us.
6/27 c94 Guest
I just gotta say, LOKI IS A HECKING BADASS
6/21 c100 Moni
The party in the last chapter was exactly how I imagine a gay party hosted by two drama queens would be. And this chapter... of course Tony is gonna say yes because he knows how it would be for Loki to live endless centuries without him!

I liked your story very much. As I only know the MCU and not the comics I probably didn't get your references but I was never confused, therefore well done.

I loved how Tony and Loki got from enemies to sceptical allies to trusting friends and finally to lovers. And how Loki realised that he's not alone, that he has even other friends than inky Tony. Thor's and Loki's big talk nearly left me in tears, so well done, too!

What I was wondering: Are Bucky and Steve lovers as well? I would've love a hint ;)

Thank you for sharing this amazing story!
6/15 c100 CMH85
This is a fantastic fic! I've just discovered it and binged it in 2 days. I'm off to check your page to see if there's a sequel, please let there be a sequel!
6/3 c100 2Gingerljf175
God damn, this was one of the BEST FrostIron fics I’ve read, one of the best Avengers fics too. You have such a talent for writing, amazing job!
6/3 c88 natashaa78
Ohh man
6/1 c82 natashaa78
For a moment I was afraid for bee and hatchet, but I’m so so glad things turned out okay...for the most part. Also, so happy that bee is talking, finally. Can’t wait for their revenge.
5/31 c71 natashaa78
I really love hatchet. He understands loki so well, his personality is brilliant and not to mention his unwavering loyalty is a plus. His relationship with loki is so amazing!
5/30 c100 TheDikTatorTot
So. I have no idea if I have written a review for this story but even if I did I must again. I have probably read through this story 5 or 6 times already and every single time it makes me feel so happy.

I love the set up, the length, the progression, the character development. Almost every single thing about this is just so wonderful.

There are certain plot points I wish I could get more of throughout the story, certain adventures I would love to have seen delved into more but overall, just amazing. I will continue to read this over and over again when I have nothing else to read. Just fantastic. I wish there was so much more.
5/29 c55 natashaa78
I’m so sad. I somehow hope that Loki finds a way to lengthen Tony’s life’s span. They deserve so much more time together. Brilliant chapter, still bawling my eyes out.
5/29 c52 natashaa78
Ugh I cried
5/29 c43 natashaa78
They are so perfect together. I love their relationship.
5/28 c36 natashaa78
Love it
5/28 c33 natashaa78
Yay! I so glad for them
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