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5/1/2016 c9 Amanda England
This story is really hotting up ! I cannot wait for the next bit.
5/1/2016 c7 Amanda England
This story gets better as it goes along. Well done on the fight scene.
5/1/2016 c3 Amanda England
Good lots of action in this chapter.
5/1/2016 c2 Amanda England
Brilliant well done !

You have captured the emotions just right.
12/8/2014 c10 30TSOSF site
Very true to form dialogue and I really could imagine this in the series. Loved the ending! Tanith, anytime you want to grace us with your work here, please do!
12/7/2014 c10 Nicole Miklos
Thank you for the new chapter it was great. Keep writing you write good stuff.
12/6/2014 c10 Nans
Thank you for wrapping up your story.
And that all is well between Mike and Steve.
12/7/2014 c10 44EKWTSM9
Had to go back and re-read this from the beginning - well worth it! Great finish. When's your next story coming out?! LOL
12/6/2014 c10 TheNaggingCube
You forced me to have to re-read the story to refresh things. Shame on you for making me read such a good story all over again!

Good wrap up. Like how Mike and Steve re connect.

Though you'v not marked this complete sooooooo...
12/6/2014 c10 21briroch
Now that was a last minute rescue... for Steve and for Hartmann as well or he might have done something to ruin his life, too.
Loved the scene at the end, Mike's avoidance of saying sorry. So true to character.
12/6/2014 c10 66honu59
I do remember this story! Nice ending - thanks. I'm glad that Steve and Mike made up at the end.
12/6/2014 c10 17mchicken
Nice wrap up! I love how you resolved the tension between our two heros. As the mother of a college football player, I have run into my share of entitled $%# and their parents. I'm glad this one is getting his due. (PS my son is a kind and gentle soul, probably why he was never a star player, lol)
12/6/2014 c10 95keller12917
I am happy to see that not only do they have the jerk son they have the jerk father as well and hope that his actions will remove him from the force he is one of those bad cops that there are too many of.
Very interesting, but could use a good crossover appearance by Commissioner STEWART "MAC" McMILLAN, his wife SALLY, their housekeeper MILDRED WINETHORNE, not to mention, the Commissioner's sidekick, DETECTIVE SGT. CHARLES ENRIGHT of "McMILLAN & WIFE" to help bring in TROY HARTMAN to justice.
4/25/2014 c9 66honu59
First of all, thanks so much for the summary catch-up. What a great idea! As for this chapter, very well done interrogation scene. Steve knew just how to trick Zach into coming clean about what happened on Halloween night. And I'm sure that Steve and Mike will patch things up between them in the end. Looking forward to your conclusion.
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