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12/9/2018 c10 2daughterofdragons13
you make james gay you ruin the whole fanfic
10/21/2016 c32 3hnoelg122498
spellchecker but other then that a very good story I really enjoyed it
10/11/2016 c25 Guest
5/4/2015 c1 Guest
You need to spell check please
3/2/2015 c12 Raven2002
awwww! So cute! Haha!
12/22/2014 c11 Ebony Dankness R
Lol how was that piss? I ship James and Alexander (yeah fuck nicky) as my OTP but not in a homo way because das gay. no homo amiright?
10/14/2014 c32 tati1327
Hey love this story its amazing thought it was cool you made their son gay its different then other stories... I really want to know what Alexabder's secret is though? But other then that loved your story :D
8/19/2014 c32 Guest
:D i loved it
7/23/2014 c32 diamondporter
Who ever wrote this is a awesome writer and ended this like a f*ching boss gr8 job
7/17/2014 c32 4RedTears14
This was amazing I am in awe
7/13/2014 c32 5ImmortalLover1390

Okay, so... it was a good ending. The whole story starts with Raven wanting to take the next step with Alexander, and then goes into the main plot of them getting to know their future son while on an adventure to the future, and then finally ending with them picking up where they left off. Very good story line! XD

Now, I know you gave us a warning in advance, but I have to say, that ending could have been received much better if you took the time to review and edit your work. I had followed this story as I'm sure many others have. As a courtesy to your fans, I honestly suggest you go back and make the proper corrections. You could get a beta to do it for you if you don't see the mistakes, or don't have the time to correct it. I'm open to it, but there are many other betas as well, otherwise, have some respect for your work. It's okay if there are a few common errors or typos, but come on! Practically the whole final chapter is full of errors and not just in spelling.

But, all in all, congratulations on completing the story! I will go back and read it from the beginning so it's fresh. I really enjoyed this story. I hope you continue to do more stories that play out as well as this. _
5/26/2014 c6 Guest
5/22/2014 c31 ImmortalLover1390
Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh I haven't been on fanfic for a loooooong time and this story's continuation from the last time I was here was a great way to get back in the fanfic zone. You bettybop did not disappoint. You need help with how to go on? Read my fanfic eternally yours eternally mine for some inspiration. One word Hun: FOREPLAY. make it work _. XD
4/22/2014 c30 1Pandalovesu
Sooooooo... I know this is probably not very constructive but what's next? I really liked this it's been many chapters and we finally get to this part and now I'm left hanging?

4/13/2014 c30 Guest
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