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5/12/2016 c7 NEGirl
I'm not quite so sad...
7/31/2014 c7 Guest
Enjoyed reading this again in that there is this level of understanding (and acceptance) of their situation. It will still be interesting to hear the 10 year later perspective where Cora figures it out once and for all.
12/23/2013 c7 44Mestizaa
Siiigh... I've reread this and Still Waters twice now. Definitely one of my favourite Carson/Hughes stories out there. "In the end it might not have been a romance that would write novels, they were both too level headed for that." What a way to sum them up! Love this!
4/11/2013 c7 BrittanyLS
I love how some things worked out for them!
11/23/2012 c7 Ellie
Already the end! I'm sad to see this universe go. It's been such a great journey! But this is indeed a perfect ending. They're finally reunited. Yay! I really love their discussion about their relationship. It's honest, truthful and full of love. I really like how you've kept them both in character so well. I really can see them talking like this, Charles insisting on marriage while Elsie keeps her more practical perspective on things. But then, when he told her he was ready to marry her any moment, well, that was so romantic! A really fantastic end.
Now there's just one thing left unasnwered: will Cora ever find a sound proof of her suspicions? Hope we'll get an answer some time in the future! ;)
11/23/2012 c7 Guest 11-23-12
Oddly I think this is a happy ending. At the same time I think their love incomplete. You write really well. Keep it up.
11/22/2012 c7 33LemonPeaves
I'm sad this is the last chapter but I really loved it! The whole story was great and a good sequel to Still Waters :) Well Done! X
11/21/2012 c6 Guest 11-21-12
I'm loving this. Update soon.
11/21/2012 c6 Ellie
Awww! Finally Charles and Elsie are reunited. Their moment in the pantry is so precious. I think that hug says it all. No words needed. Also because neither Charles nor Elsie are quite the hugging types, I think (at least not the Elsie of this period, she softened with time when it comes to physical touching, even though it's a tad different with Charles, but anyways...). And I'm really happy they both seem to be on the same page. Can't wait to read about their conversation. I also loved when he greeted her back. That exchange of glances was just great.
Once again, I really adored the interaction between Rose and Elsie. I like how they share things, are honest with each other and mostly how Rose looks up at Elsie and cares for her as if she were her big sis. Also, Cora's observation skills are getting more points. So love this subplot. And I love Cora's concern too. Looking forward to reading more.
11/21/2012 c6 36onmyside
Finally! I thought they would never get back to being close again at all (or at least not so far). But the last 2 chapters had already hinted at it somehow. I am glad that Charles took this step and I also think that for this story it was in character. After all, he had been so worried and even if you are butler, you cannot hide your feelings forever. I love this story! Please update soon :-p because I cannot wait to see them talk... (or whatever they will do in the attic)
11/21/2012 c5 Elli
I've just stumbled upon your story and just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it so far. In my view, you have the characterizations down to a tee. It's wonderful to be able to concentrate on the tantalizinly beautiful plot you're weaving instead of having to stop every few minutes or so to frown at something that's completely out of character like in some Elsie/Charles fics that I've encountered. Anyway, thanks for the fabulous read so far. Can't wait to read more! PS It would seem, you now have not one but two devoted readers who go by the name Ellie.. Except that here in Finland we spell it differently :)
11/19/2012 c5 quirkette
Enjoying this continuation of your previous fic. Can't wait to see where you take it next!
11/19/2012 c5 Guest 11-19-12
I am getting into this. Please update soon.
11/18/2012 c5 Ellie
Oh thank heavens! I'm so happy Elsie is alright! I think you've managed to catch the tension and the anguish of the waiting so perfectly in this chapter. It was so thick one could almost touch it. I really felt for Charles. Poor man. He had to go on as everything were fine, being the perfect butler while he was quite dying inside, so worried for Elsie. And I really loved his thoughts. They made it very clear where his heart is.
I also appreciated Cora's behaviour. First of all, you've got both Cora and Robert perfectly in character once again and their interaction is spot on. But mostly, I think I found Robert's obliviousness adorable and I really loved Cora's concern and observations. I kinda hope she'll be able to find out more about Charles and Elsie soon and proove Robert wrong.
Finally, I really liked Rose too. The poor girl must have been so terribly scared. It was heartwarming to see her so happy and relieved at the end.
Looking forward to reading more!
11/17/2012 c4 10Latona Enelra Caine
Aww. Poor Carson! I hope Elsie gets better soon so they can be happy forever and ever! Great job!
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