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10/10/2016 c5 123katbybee
What an odd joke...
Loving this story!
4/16/2015 c2 46Dinogeek
9/3/2014 c6 23SaraiEsq
Good tale.
8/17/2013 c2 61Danzinora Switch
Oh, yikes it's like the Dr. Who episode 'Blink'. Excellent writing!
11/15/2012 c6 66Sgt. Moffitt
Oh, well done, sir! And the PBAs are calling...

I love your Hochstetter: not exactly a good guy, but a complex, fully realized character who has a conscience, as well as the capacity to love, and love deeply.

I also love the way you subtly placed the clues in the first chapter that come to fruition here. I remember thinking that Erika Baum's grave must be significant, and then I forgot all about her, until now. And the title of this chapter is so appropriate! The feminine laugh that recurs throughout the story is now explained, and you know, it's not creepy after all. In fact, the resolution of the story is heartwarming, as Belphegor noted.

Like Hochstetter, I'm smiling right now.
11/14/2012 c6 76snooky-9093
Ah, nice ending. And I don't think he was dumb, either. Just loud. LOL
11/14/2012 c6 ColHogan
Loved the ending. It was nice, I agree with another reviewer, to see a more 'human' side of Hochstetter instead of the raving maniac we are used to in the series. You have a way of writing Hochstetter that explores him beneath the surface but from a different perspective, myself included. Also, Hogan and company will never really know the truth because nobody would believe it, least of all Newkirk about the Angels, and perhaps that is the way it should be for once. Even though not knowing the truth about who called Hochstetter will probably drive Hogan nuts. All-in-all, well done! I also smell a PBA in your future.
11/14/2012 c6 10FloatingPizza
... and, yeah, that tied up the story perfectly. And made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) As I said before, I love it when stories take antagonistic characters and make them- well, 'nicer' isn't the word, especially with Hochstetter, but I think you catch my drift! What's more, you managed that unexpected shift in character very effectively. I didn't read one instance where the Major was out of character here. (You like writing him, good guy or (more commonly) not, don't you? You're very good at it :)
Well-crafted story all around.
11/14/2012 c6 24Six of Twelve
Nice to see a human side of Hochstetter in this last chapter.
11/14/2012 c6 73dust on the wind
Oh, this ending is simply perfect - I must admit I didn't see it coming, but it makes perfect sense, and works on a character level (I love it when someone scratches the surface of a character, finds something unexpected and makes it entirely believable).

Beautiful work. Well done.

11/14/2012 c6 66Belphegor
Oh, this is lovely. I love how you began with a genuinely scaring horror tale and finished on such a wistful but quietly heartwarming note. And I can't believe you managed that with Hochstetter, of all people! Nicely done, especially his thinking "it would have been worth it to see the look on his face" - a little cruel in any other character, but it fits him like a glove :o)

I also love that Hogan and gang will most probably never know the truth of the story, or at least be sure what happened with 1) the stone angels and 2) Hochstetter's phone call. I love them dearly, but sometimes it *is* nice that they don't end up knowing everything. "Sometimes", mind you :o] Thank you for sharing this story with us!
11/14/2012 c6 179Susan M. M
Sir, I predict another Papa Bear Award in your future.
11/14/2012 c6 Jinzle
Very nice story. I loved it. It was spooky yet hearbreaking at the same time. Bravo to the master!
11/13/2012 c5 76snooky-9093
I love your author's note. LOL. I'll have to remember that joke. so is this a real drug?
11/12/2012 c5 179Susan M. M
Believable murder plot, especially during wartime when everyone is short-handed and corners get cut. And nein, I don't want to know who made that call.
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