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4/15/2015 c3 1Arizeri
Ah, that is what we need, Dark!Bartimaeus. It would be a shame if this is the only one here
5/1/2014 c3 20Void of Shining Darkness
5/10/2013 c3 31Radar1388
This was interesting. Everyone was absolutely in character and it had a nice flow. I especially love Bartimaeus in this. And I agree on the sweet ending. "Your hair's messed up", such a good laugh out of that one.
2/14/2013 c3 1LNFRARADIANT
XD Loved the story! Interesting idea, that sometimes Nat would be at Bartimaeus' mercy...
1/2/2013 c3 KatStar
Well, I can't resist reviewing if it makes our poor Mandrake smile. This was absolutely lovely, and sweet, and rather unexpected. And Bartimaeus mentioning Ptolemy made the entire story. You should write about Barty and Ptolemy's last night together sometime ;)
1/1/2013 c3 Guest
I really loved it. You are great.
12/23/2012 c3 7silver-wolf-demon-girl
you gonna make me say something weird buuut that's what this ending makes me feel.
Barty is the sweetest sadist ever in this! XD
I have a protest though. The mention of Ptolemy was totally ooc of the book series. Nat shouldn't get to hear it before Kitty mentions it in the 3rd book otherwise he'd get curious and search and he wouldn't be so surpised to find out the truth in the canon!(sorry for being a bit nerdy about it ")
anyways i enjoyed reading this! thanks for sharing ;)
peace out!
11/30/2012 c2 KatStar
Wait, are we shipping here or not?
11/20/2012 c2 7dustylibrarian
oh dear. are you going to continue? this is great so far, I'm digging the whole Bartimeaus torturing Nathaniel thing. That's hott. XD
11/16/2012 c2 Person
Yay! Thank you for making another chapter! :D
11/15/2012 c2 CaptainSilverSparrow
This turned out really well. I like where it's going!
11/14/2012 c2 7silver-wolf-demon-girl
NO i will not REVIEW! aaack i just did! lolz just kidding! but all that capital letters seemed kinda threating to me XD.
ahem anyways...
wooohooo! an update! really cool chapter. Sadistic dark Bartimaes neh? I like! I approve! *thumbs up*
I really liked the scene with nat's arm too. Aww barty you know you don't really want to hurt your natty-boy riiiiight?
ehm...right? *cough* lets just hope so.
Keep it up! You're great!
p.s: so jealous of your reviews! aah but you're so worth it! :P
11/11/2012 c1 Person
Ohhhh please please please please please make a sequel! It's too good to be just a one-shot!
11/10/2012 c1 5darkvampiregirl13
oh? as you wish, master, as i am a humble djinni to carry out ur every wish and command. you have asked me to leave a review, so i shall.

oh wow poor nathaniel XD. bartimaeus please dont kill him; u know u enjoy watching him squirm!

nathaniel... what can i say? you had this coming for quite some time.
11/10/2012 c1 CaptainSilverSparrow
This was quite good and really funny and true to charcter. A full blown story would be awesome!
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