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for A Court Scandal

7/31/2018 c36 Leefa
Good read!
11/27/2017 c36 17DarylDixon'sLover
This was amazing.
3/31/2017 c36 Mari Wollsch
super good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/28/2017 c36 72Robin4
Well done!
3/25/2017 c36 nesciamema
Would love to know how many children this Elizabeth has.
3/25/2017 c36 hateme101
love how anne rubs it in his face how she was able to have baby boys if given the correct love
3/18/2017 c35 Guest
End with Elizabeth ultimately being crowned queen? Still ultimate revenge for Anne.
3/19/2017 c35 ReadLikeHermione
3/18/2017 c35 ej-83
lol..a son for a son..an eye for an eye..makes me wonder on what will be the sex of the child katherine will have soon.. oh well..at least the twins are very healthy..so lets see if edward will survive as well..
3/18/2017 c35 hateme101
did he posion the baby?
3/17/2017 c35 nesciamema
Damn, Anne totally went there. Very curious to see what happens to Prince Edward and will Anne & Brandon have more children.
3/12/2017 c33 ej-83
Oho.. So the prince is not very well.. Hehehe.. Oh well.. It is henry's loss.. Maybe karma is hitting both him and jane for what they hv done to anne.. But katherine is the mistress so she potentially might hv a chance to be queen if the next child from jane turns out to be a girl..
3/12/2017 c33 nesciamema
Very curious about their son'e health and how Henry feels now that Anne is about to give birth to her 4th child.
3/12/2017 c33 hateme101
love this story in the beginning but its getting a bit boring for me now to be honest. the way you tell us about Mary's life. Honestly dont care about her unless she is directly contected to Anne,Jane or Henry at that moment. Also in the beginning you always have quick summaries of what has happened to each person since the last chapter before starting the real chapter. that also makes it boring
3/12/2017 c15 16Child of Dreams
And yet, didn't Mary used to be "his pearl"?
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