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2/12 c1 Dasgun
11/20/2020 c13 BrentNewland
"Due to the increase in output gained by the new reactor, there was enough power to fir the MAC three consecutive times" actually it was largely due to magnetic recycling systems that recaptured energy from the firing sequence
11/20/2020 c10 BrentNewland
"Slipspace, under that lead ship, now!" - you said they were stuck here because their drive was shot and needed replaced
10/17/2020 c10 3Cipher32
Oh UNSC Heart of Midltohian reference
10/16/2020 c4 Cipher32
10/14/2020 c12 Guest
Riveting spar.
9/16/2020 c23 10Just a Crazy-Man
it was a epic read
9/10/2020 c7 Guest
Lo de hacer la gente de la Via Lacta sensible a la Fuerza es una horrible porqueria clavada en un palo.
6/10/2020 c15 Shev'la
5/11/2020 c16 1daemoniclover24
It's fantastic! The action was intense and I was invested in how intimate each character was! Keep it up!
2/22/2020 c18 4Dark The Bunny
Holy... Mother of... The forerunners? My... If there is forerunner weaponry cache of the planet, then the imps' are good as... Uh... Mmm... Vaporized flesh? Those weapons were designed to effectively combat the flood, but it also turns the target into literal ash in the wind. Better cross your fingers and hope there ain't any prometheans, or else both UNSC and Imp' forces alike will be rekt if they run into those frightening machines...
1/27/2020 c6 2Lord-Sylph
Wouldn’t it just be “The Death Star”?
Not “the first Death Star,”
Since at this time they had no knowledge of the 2nd station under construction over Endor
Just noticed that, lol
12/18/2019 c1 1calicokitty111
I would be surprised if this dude discontinues every story h starts just because he's interested in something else. abandoning stories indefinitely is one way to become hated by communities.
12/5/2019 c4 Mangoose
I have to be honest,the only good thing here is the fight scenes. Otherwise, it just stinks too much of Halo wanking. Also, the UNSC believed the rebel alliance way too quickly.
10/29/2019 c1 2Lord of Moons
What's with all the idiots in the reviews? SuperMACs are canonically 50 Gigatons. The Infinity is more powerful than SuperMACs, and 3,000 megaton is only 3 Gigatons, like are you retarded or something? Like no wonder this guy pulls the weirdest shit when it comes to feats, when dribbling morons complain about him not nerfing characters they hate enough. Jesus.
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