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for Why Don't You Love Me?

11/15/2016 c10 Sheepgirl3
Oh dear! I bet it's 'who's jack frost?' Waaahhhh!
10/2/2015 c6 Guest
Another good chapter. This is a really good fic.
8/27/2015 c2 4Malchus-Fireheart
Awe. Cute chapter.
8/26/2015 c1 Malchus-Fireheart
This fic looks good so far. It's well written and makes me want to find out what happened with Jack.
9/11/2014 c9 Jackunzel lover1
MORE!pleaseand also I love it good job!
3/30/2014 c8 X
I'm sad. Because although I understand why you're not updating, we still wish you would. Maybe over your spring break, if it hasn't passed like it has for some people? We would really appreciate even a small update. I love this story, which is why I keep checking for updates, even after this long.

4.3 stars,

2/5/2014 c4 22PhoenixSong2013
Please update, I love this story :)
1/15/2014 c8 Smallsparrow
WHAT!? NO MORE!? I DONT CARE IF I'VE SAID " oh, it's o.k., " BEDORE! I NEED MORE! PU-LEASE!WHY!? thank you. xD
1/3/2014 c8 13RoseKatnissWeasley7
This is a great story! I'm anxious to see where it's going! Please update soon :)
12/28/2013 c8 25TPATFan16
Is he gonna go see her? So exciting! Keep going! I really like it! ;D
12/18/2013 c8 4HelenaWayne10
Please update! I want to know what happens!
11/29/2013 c8 8CandySlice
Q_Q aw man.. it had to end u.u please update soon D:
11/28/2013 c8 37FloraIrmaTylee
Jack! How you missed all that went on, sadly, in the tower. But maybe, hopefully you're right and Rapunzel is safe. :)
11/27/2013 c8 ChaoticGods57
Yay! I am so glad you updated! I've been missing this story
11/27/2013 c8 9MelissaLovesRH
Wow! Just sat and read the whole story and I am massively intrigued :D Please continue and post asap :D XD xx
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