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for Hero's Born and Made: Zeia's Story

1/11/2017 c15 Guest
4/22/2014 c10 Ed's.Curious.Kitten
I think you took off too many zeros... Pokedollars are equivalent to yen, so you only drop two zeros to get to a dollar amount. That and I know pokeballs are more than twenty cents... Awesome story though!
4/15/2014 c14 4mockstevenh
I love this story! You are doing absolutely magnificent on it. There is a few grammar errors, but other than that fine. I can't wait for your next chapter. So without further do. Nyah!
4/14/2014 c14 Tessler
Great to see another wonderful chapter to this story. And thanks for the shoutout. I appreciate it. I feel sorry for Zeia right now.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/9/2014 c13 2KaleXerxas
Haha, I really like it I was wondering if it was a shiny Zorua or not and was on the edge of it being a Deino, but I'm glad it was a Deino instead they're cool Pokemon. Can't wait for the next update!
1/7/2014 c13 Lady Syndra
Aw their bonding time is so cute! Fluffy's just so adorable!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/7/2014 c13 Tessler
Still a really good story. There is not really much more that I have to say.
8/20/2013 c12 Lady Syndra
Awww the little Deino is so cute!
Please update soon!
Please update soon!
Please update soon!
Please update soon!
Please update soon!
Please update soon!
8/13/2013 c12 Tessler
I don't know why, but the reference to "thunder roaring" sounds like a foreshadow, but maybe it's just me.
7/26/2013 c11 Thomas
This chapter was the longest one yet! The story its self is really good too. You had me in suspense the entire chapter thinking 'when will the egg hatch?' Also, I see what you did there naming a character after me. I get to pick out his Pokémon party. I'll bug you about it after you're done eating your grilled cheese.
your little brother.
7/20/2013 c11 ClockALock
Yay new chapter! :D It's always nice when you do something on the internet. You are welcome for the inspiration, comrade.
6/27/2013 c10 2Tobalerone
Interesting so far! Cant wait for the egg to hatch! And didnt the guy who sold her the egg tell her it was a Zorua egg? Does she not remember? Update!
6/10/2013 c10 ClockALock
The egg's part of the Hydreigon family (the colors and the TITLE PICTURE AND THE TAGS and the references to rage. But it's an egg, so Deino.
5/30/2013 c10 2proxy silvermoon
ah! a literary masterpiece! please write more sis!
5/22/2013 c9 5lynzylu
Oh, oh! I know what the Pokemon is! I know! Lol, sorry everyone. Can't tell
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