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3/8 c18 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
really cool one shot it would be really nice if you turned this one shot into a story.
3/8 c16 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
it would be really cool if you turned this one shot into a story.
1/26 c1 Digimon Fan
Davis x Kazemon
1/19 c1 Guest
Davis and Hilary (from BeyBlade)
11/15/2020 c1 Knight Rider Zero
Davis Motomiya x Menoa Bellucci
10/26/2020 c6 54moonrose221
How about a Beetlejuice and femDavis for Halloween?
10/17/2020 c151 moonrose221
A little odd but could you do a human King Trollex from Dreamworks Trolls World Tour and fem Davis. With Branch and Poppy as a secondary pairing?
10/14/2020 c115 1himeko63
Excellent job with this! Out of all of these this one is a personal favorite of mine and I would love to see a part to of this Datherine aka fem!daisuke x Katherine petrova ! Thanks for the update
9/27/2020 c1 Guest
Davis x FemKem (Digimon Empress)
9/27/2020 c1 Guest
Davis Motomiya x Ophanimon
9/25/2020 c1 Circemon 180
What do you think of these ideas?

Kisuke (Davis x Kiki Benjaminf rom Mew Mew Power)

Angesuke (Davis x Angewomon)

Kazuke (Davis x Kazemon)
9/18/2020 c1 Guest
Dairu (Davis Motomiya x Airu Suzaki)
8/18/2020 c151 Knight Rider Zero
Very cute this is something I haven't seen before, I can't wait to read more couples like this.

If possible I would like to read a second part of chapter 75 '' The Princess of Darkness '' or a second part of chapter 150 '' The New Student ''

I would also like to read another version of Daika (DavisXRika) and Rinsuke (RinaXDavis) fanfiction.
8/3/2020 c151 20Princess Luka Vocalzal
So cute!
8/2/2020 c151 Wishfull-star
That was a lovely pairing thank you for writing this one shot:) stay safe
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