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for The Painful Memories in the Past

4/9/2019 c19 4JKH-Scribes
Dude. I'm tryna not cry on the train. This was so so beautiful.
10/26/2018 c19 Guest
very good but to short
5/31/2015 c19 Guest
this was a great story
7/21/2014 c19 Guest
this was a very good story
7/20/2014 c6 Guest
that was very good
7/20/2014 c4 Guest
its getting good
5/23/2014 c19 599Ghostwriter
Awesome. Love it. Catch ya on the flip side.
3/20/2013 c19 1SeverusSnape'sLove
Great story. Wish she had stayed with them though.
12/17/2012 c18 12bonesbuffyangelfan
Who says we party? Awesome story, it really captures Tempe's vulnerable side.
11/19/2012 c17 Guest
Hehdjkdirojfzbxhdjow. Oh my god. Throw a wrench into the plot much! Amazing twist. You have me hooked.
11/19/2012 c1 Guest
Great first chapter! I really like your writing style. You were both descriptive and easy to follow. I liked that you stopped Tempe mid-thought, as she willed herself to change the topic. This fits very well with the character and I have never seen it used so well before. You are are a great addition to .
11/16/2012 c19 3Lliaaame
Wow, this was just lovely. :)
11/16/2012 c13 Lliaaame
Ooops, you got a little typo here, ""uh..ok well, thank you for letting me know" she said quietly." it was Booth speaking right? Then it should be he unless booth had some weird sex change... Nice chapter anyways! :D
11/15/2012 c18 2chrissym453
That was fantastic! Absolutely wonderful! Can't wait for the epilogue!
11/15/2012 c18 daisesndaffidols
Awesome story! Love Booth's present to Julie..very cool
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