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11/14/2012 c2 6Jayfire
What I think you could do, but it would still be low priority, is just make a bunch o family related one-shots and post them here :)
11/5/2012 c1 Kiana The Wolf
My name is strange I know... You should keep writing. You are very talented. You gotta write! I am officially a huge fan of you!
11/4/2012 c1 Jayfire
This d turn out really good! :) and I think you should do the chlerek thing, for one it'll get you more readers ;) and you'd probably have a really good story on your hands :)
11/3/2012 c1 foolishyoungirl
11/3/2012 c1 Stephie
OMG! I can see Derek doing that... Please update soon... Please let Derek and Alec stalk her on her date..

11/3/2012 c1 1HeadOverPinkConverse
I see my father in the future o.O
11/3/2012 c1 2zoesouzaxoxo
Lol I loved it that was so cute!

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