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for And Things That Go Bump in the Night

12/21/2014 c1 Perseus46
Liked the theme a lot.
1/29/2014 c1 goldenlucario1
Wow! That was so cool! w Especially reading this before bed-time is entertaining! I found Obito's reply very funny and the most emotional ones where Itachi's conversation with his indefinite answer, Iruka's conversation with the maze and Konan's short reply...they were all greatly in character even though you took a spiritual sujebt that may be harder to write without OoC-ness...GREAT JOB YOU! :D I hope you write more in the future!
11/19/2012 c1 Megan
This isn't you're best piece of writing-but the concept is lovely in a tragically romantic and mystical way. It's one I hadn't personally thought much on for the series when, really, it would be extremely relevant. And the multitude of views are so pleasantly diverse and also remain faithful to the characters at the same time. Personally I loved the sakumo bit as well as the kotetsu one; but I think you'd do yourself a great justice (and i'd love to read it)by turning this into a mini, multi-chapter drabbleish fic so you could properly develop each little act. :3 still really enjoyed it though!
11/14/2012 c1 deletedaccountgone
*procrastinating when I should be working on my NaNoWriMo*

I really, really liked this one. I love things that fill in gaps in canon. I can see some characters still not believing in ghosts despite glaring evidence to the contrary. An afterlife is just a difficult concept for some people to accept: I've heard of cases where sceptics will admit ghosts exist but not that they are souls of dead people, believing instead that they are just "psychic imprints" left on the world.

My favourite segment is the last one (because Oldmandara and Obito ARE my current project), followed by Kakashi's because GAH THAT LURKER. (Though in the Pain arc he did seem under the impression he would get to see his loved ones again...)
11/4/2012 c1 1Still Not Dead Yet
Yet another realm unexplored by canon, properly anyway.
I look forward to your next update!
11/3/2012 c1 57isthemagicnumber
Holy shiz. I didn't want to review but I was like oh gosh darn it, I might as well. So this was creepy-tastic.
I can't even say anything else.

11/3/2012 c1 mndstjohn
Better late than never!

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