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11/14/2015 c2 lynnstar
I'm late discovering your fiction, but if they're anything like this one, I know I'm going to love them. This story was just so good, Sam and Dean were so in character, you made the whole story so believable to their world. And having it be a hurt-Dean story just made my day. I'm sorry you're not writing anymore but I'm definitely going to read your other stories..
11/12/2015 c2 5TheBlondeBullet
Love, love, love! This was exceptionally well written, and I love the fact that it circled about hurt Dean-a rare, illusive sight! Thank you for portraying them true to character
5/28/2015 c2 rerichardson4
Excellent work! I love how you are able to write the complex interactions between the brothers in such detail but also with brilliant humour. :)
3/3/2015 c2 grea8read
This was great.
Love your writing.
9/10/2013 c2 20Rosetta Brunestud
Amazing! Totally becoming a fan of your stories :D
See ya around
4/23/2013 c2 20Vampy
Awww... Such a nice sweet ending. Loved this story. Lots of hurt and comfort and very in character. It's also nice that you placed the story in the actuall supernatural story line and involved it (which wasn't necesairy but gave it more depth). So yay! Lots more please! ;) V.
12/23/2012 c2 zuimar
Hi sweetie, I've not been reading too many fics lately, so the alert for your fic has been waiting in my inbox for quite a while. Now, having read it both chapters, I wish I'd read it sooner. I just love me some H/C fics, so this was a real treat. I also loved the brotherly bond you've managed to capture so well. Gosh, how miss that in the show. Great one-liners too in both chapters: "Pfft, fresh air...You don't know what you're missin' Sammy," LOL! The ending was just perfect, really great job you did with this story yet again.
I hope you're planning on writing more stories because you really are one of the best writers on FF net!
12/1/2012 c2 132Beckydaspatz
"He's finally gone and done it, you know," Lucifer offered companionably, unperturbed by the younger Winchester's effort to avoid him. "Wonder if he'll leave a note this time," he mused, pushing out his lips pensively. "Or if he'll just..." He mimed putting a gun to his temple and pulling the trigger. "Or..." He continued, putting an imaginary bottle to his lips and taking a large swig.-PAINFULLY good start and hot damn did you get Luci perfectly in character.

He could hear Lucifer's footsteps echoing his own, skipping every so often, keeping him on edge. Then the humming started, and Sam screwed his eyes shut, waiting for the lyrics to kick in. "All the lonely people, where do they come from?" His uninvited sidekick began to sing Eleanor Rigby in jaunty time to their footsteps. It took all of Sam's self-control not to turn around. "Father Mckenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave. No one was saved." Lucifer continued, seemingly oblivious to Sam's growing attempts to tune him out.- I know I shouldn't, but I quite like Hallucifer and also Elenor Rigby is such a haunting song, very fitting. Great job.

Weaker than he'd been hoping for but stronger than he'd feared-VERY tense, would leave more of a review, but must keep reading.

classic signs of a Winchester-meets-wall special.-Really nice wording.

Sam sounded as if he was teetering on the edge between concern and relief, and the elder Winchester really wanted to tip him the right way-I adore that. *happy sigh*

And jeez, his mouth was drier than a nun's...okay, wait, no he wasn't going to verbalise that thought.-*spit take* BWAHAHAHAHAH! Oh that's GOLD! X-D

Sam broke into a face-splitting smile; one of those goofy ones that Dean always scoffed at but secretly delighted in.-God, that's beautiful.

Dean made a face. "What is this: 'here comes the freakin' choo choo train'? I'm not four, Sam! Gimme those." Sam allowed him to snatch the small bottle, but watched him with a distinctly supervisory air as Dean began fumbling with it. The elder hunter pretended not to notice, but Sam's scrutiny seemed to make the task even harder. After nearly a full minute of trying to unscrew the cap, Dean huffed out a frustrated, defeated sigh and wordlessly handed the bottle back to his brother. Sam took it without comment – for which Dean was more grateful than he could say – and easily opened the bottle, shaking out a couple of pills onto the elder Winchester's outstretched palm. Acutely embarrassed, Dean averted his eyes as he downed the painkillers with the remainder of the water. Still Sam remained silent, seeming to sense that any remark would have resulted in a bloody nose. For his part, Dean was consigning the whole experience to his mental incinerator.-Amazing. So just...Man, we NEEDED this in S7. Heck, I'll be happy for some in S8.

"What, that's all you're going to say?"

"What do you want, a freakin' sonnet?"-Perfection.

Dean had laid stone number one, but stone number two was Sam's job.-I'm flabbergasted, awestruck and just all around impressed with how much I loved this. Being a work of yours I knew I was in for a treat, but I don't think I could have ever truly guessed how special this two shot would be. It definately hit the spot and made my day, but then again, I should have known it would. :D Really wish we had gotten a bit more h/c in S7, since we didn't , thank God for you.

*hugs and respect and all that other soppy crap* :P

12/1/2012 c1 Beckydaspatz
I know I promised a review by the end of the month, but um...close enough right. ;-P Anywho...

With a groan he swallowed back an eruption of bile and took a deep breath, not particularly wanting to see his dinner yet again. Hunting alone sucked. It always had, and it always would. But this time it had been of his own choosing, and he couldn't forget that. Sam was off on another one of his new age, hippy-hikes (camping, Dean. Camping!), and Dean had decided to leave him to it. Only...when he'd returned to the motel after seeing Sam off at the bus stop, the four walls of the room had leered back at him tauntingly, the bottle of scotch on the table winking at him until his pulse quickened nauseatingly.- Really, REALLY love the little details you put in here, the Sam voice, the bottle winking at him. Yeah, I think I'm going to like this one quite alot.

But what Sam hadn't realised was that Dean had taken care of himself before. Many times. Patching himself up, taking care of himself. He'd had more than enough practice in the past.-That makes me want to cry...

His body was like a switchboard lit up, nodes of pain flashing and bleeping the length of him-Brilliant!

He should have waited for Sam. Should have called him. Should have told him...Should have told him that...that he...- It's a really good thing that I know you wouldn't kill Dean off, however having our boy that bad off always make the mother hen in me cluck like crazy. :P

Even dragging himself through the day seemed to take more energy than he had in reserve.

Ever since Cas...

But no, he shook his head forcefully, he wasn't going there right now. To do that would be to write off the entire evening to an alcohol-induced stupor.-Nice touch.

feeling the familiar pang of longing when the door swung shut without the Impala's reassuring squeak. -*blubber*

In the end, Dean made it through the French doors just fine, he just went through them with a little more speed – and height – than he would have liked.- I could copy and paste the whole hunt scene, it's so thrilling. :D

Really wonderful first part, going to wait till after lunch to gobble up part two. Great job hon!

Also, I still destest the review format. *grumble*

Looking forward to the next part! :D
11/16/2012 c2 ccase13
I love that Sammy finally realizes that Dean desperately needs to be needed.
11/12/2012 c2 moonligtinparadise
Great story! Thanks for sharing:)
11/8/2012 c2 600K Hanna Korossy
Very satisfying and original h/c. I love your last line, the idea that the guys have to rebuild together, need each other. And for some reason, especially loved the notion of a goofy smile " that Dean always scoffed at but secretly delighted in." Great take on the guys.
11/7/2012 c2 JaniceC678
What a great story! Loved Sam coming to Dean's rescue for a change, and could just FEEL his terror when he walked into that room. You really hit on exactly WHY so many of us felt sad rather than happy when Sam said that he was really okay, and Dean could spend some time taking care of himself! THAT is not what Dean needs.

And the ghost hunt itself was great - loved the description of the house and everything. You set the spooky mood very nicely. Great job!
11/6/2012 c2 masondixon
This goes in my favorite file. Loved the HurtDean and the comfort from Sam. And the bullet in the wall was a good answer to the hunt too. Boy do I miss this sense of friendship, care and love between the boys on the show. This is the Dean and Sam I love. And this is the type of story I love to read. Just wish it had been about 10 chapters longer! I know- easy for me to say!
Thank You for this. I enjoyed it very much. Hope you get time to write another one soon.
11/6/2012 c2 8Sharlot
What a wonderful follow-up!

:::::"The elder Winchester had some nasty bruises across the backs of his shoulders too, and Sam's eyes narrowed as he recognised the classic signs of a Winchester-meets-wall special.":::::I just loved the wit here. Funny thing is, I could just SO see it! Loved it!

As usual, you had some amazing, amazing metaphors and descriptions. So many to choose from but I think this is my favorite. :::::And then there was the ball of burning, stabbing pain in his thigh, sparks of agony shooting out from it like bolts of energy in a plasma globe.::::: Just fantastic!

And honestly, Numpty, I don't think you've ever been better at banter. I loved it. It was deep and light-hearted all at the same time. This was absolutely CLASSIC!

:::::"What house?" Dean stalled, wondering just how much the kid actually knew.

"Don't 'what house?' me, Dean!" Sam amped up the bitchface, grabbing a newspaper and waving it in the air. "I read all about it. Oh, and..." He paused and reached down, out of Dean's line of sight, and lifted the elder Winchester's duffel into view. "I brought this back for you. And your sawed-off."

Son of a bitch.

"Oh. That house," Dean bounced his eyebrows and lowered his gaze like a scolded dog.:::::

Hawhaw! That was just so well done.

Loved how you sorted the case out and brought the brothers together in the end. Lovely work.

Are you done with your next story yet?

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