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10/3/2015 c3 DemitriKlaus
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10/3/2015 c3 DemitriKlaus
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7/29/2015 c1 grayatrox
I'm sorry to say, but there is a hole in your plot.. Maybe, I've only read the first few chapters. Anyway. When Harry is asked his for his name under Veritaserum, he responds that he is Harry Potter. I consider this as as an untruth, as he clearly knows that he is now in fact Harry Potter-Black when he enacts the oath. Either way, the story is good so far, so I'll continue reading.
7/13/2015 c6 Guest
You need to work on sentence structure and proofread before you post
6/4/2015 c7 2Drew86419
I do not understand your use of the word "would". You use it in all the wrong places and it really confuses me most of the time.
5/6/2015 c9 Guest
Okay, brilliant story, please update it soon, to make your dialog seem less robotic, you should try using contractions, instead of I am, use I'm, instead of will not won't. Using the two words together is fine for formal talking, but two characters talking to each other shouldn't be so stiff
3/27/2015 c9 1Andromedaa
really cool story. loved it. please update and continue with the story.
1/4/2015 c9 dogman999
Hope that you will update soon.
8/31/2014 c1 2moosejuice5
I liked this as an opening though I find it very difficult to believe that harry managed to hurt voldemort like that
8/17/2014 c9 Daniel6
First off. I'm not sure if you hate Severus or it's something else. But it seemed like that James was covering his rear about him torturing Severus for 6 years straight. I would've thought that being married to Lily would've made him a man. Own up to his mistakes. The guy is dead & he's using his own son to further his own jealousy.

Now the rant is over. Onto the praises. Reading this was like watching The Terminator. So except for the OOC of certain characters, I enjoy the story. Hope you update soon.
8/11/2014 c9 1Noder
Is this... done? if yes, i'm a bit sad, you could give this a nice ending. Really liked it, tho. Following just in case.
7/31/2014 c2 Guest
'i always felt that the canon harry deserved a kick in the balls and not a pat on the back as it was and guess what, i provided it to him through the best people imaginable.'
you can feel whatever you want about canon, but to say that having your parents who you never knew and you always looked up to tell you that you are a failure and a disappointment, is no the best people imaginable, and the fact you think so means one of two things. you have no idea what the hell you're talking about, and should shut the hell up, or you are just an asshole with no feelings and little to no intelligence and should shut the hell up.
7/29/2014 c9 UltimateGrayMystic07
Good story and premise so far but hope it hasn't been abandoned. Very realistic portrayal of how Tonks would react but hopefully over time and reflecting will come to an acceptance. Also I'm finding the realistic development of characters and their respective abilities (especially Harry) a strength as well.
7/4/2014 c9 Hammer545
Hey mate, love the story, just hoping that you havent given up on the idea. Great premise and you seem to have found a way to move it forward well it would be great to see how far you take this.

Keep up the good work.
6/22/2014 c9 J.T.P2013
Will you update soon? It is a good Harry & Tonks story
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