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11/29/2015 c25 Z
I love this story.
even more because i'm a med student
Please update soon
6/25/2015 c25 37anniegirl132
This chapter was so sweet! Just one suggestion though, the updates tend to take so long that when they're posted I've usually forgotten most of what happened in the previous chapter so maybe you could do a short recap at the beginning? Good chapter, I liked it! :)
4/28/2015 c24 7jojo507
Story like these really motivate me :)
To do what I love despite all the obstacles, art is worth all the troubles yeah! Though I guess instead of being a freaking genius like these two flipping amazing artist I'm an idiot who can only do art XD me is anime trash
Hope you update soon!
1/4/2015 c24 10Bitterness11
Plz update soon.

I love You!
12/28/2014 c24 eva
Sasori's character development is so uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh I just want to hug him. How he's so calm, cold-headed. And the fact that he didn't even try to hide his feelings for deidara ughh kill me with otp feelings.
Also ty for updating! The scene where chiyo and dei argued caught me off guard bc I didn't think chiyo would lash out like that but it was greatly written. It was nice to see deidara stands up for sasori. Waiting for the next chapter!
12/23/2014 c24 7Weaselandcherry
Aww, what a romantic you are, Sasori x))
Chiyo, come on, tighten your screws.
What a perfect chapter:) Keep up the fabulous work! Can't wait to read more
12/23/2014 c24 37anniegirl132
Grrrr! Chino is such a jerk! But Sasori's awesomeness fixes that. :D
12/18/2014 c23 20D3m0nDarks
I love this so much, I didn't want to finish the latest chapter cuz then I'd have nothing left to read! Please update soon, I can't wait for more!
11/17/2014 c23 14amkay
First off, sorry for taking so long to review this. Life has been pretty hectic lately, but the wait was worth it. Cuz you know what? This story totally cheered me up! Especially near the end with Sasori and Deidara getting the heck out of dodge, lol. And even though the return of the others was short, I enjoyed it all the more. Especially because of Hidan.

God (or Jashin), I love Hidan. He always makes things interesting.

Haha, Sasori, when will you learn? You can never escape Deidara on your birthday! Ah, but it was nice to see them having fun on his birthday. Doing what you love best on such an important day is always one of the best presents you can ask for.

Wow, it seems like a while since their infamous argument. But I suppose that could be because it's been a while since I read through this, eh?

On a bit of a side thought, I've always wondered what these two would think of music. To me, it's both transient and eternal. The music may stay the same but the players will always be different, thus adding their own unique touch to the masterpiece. I definitely prefer music over most other forms of art. It's kept me happy and sane many times throughout my life, so it's my favorite art style.

Anyway, I've got to say that I'm enjoying this story very much. It's rare to see these two meshing together so well in fanfiction, so congrats for that. (I just realized I forgot to add this story to my favs, whoops! Time to fix that.)

With the end in sight, I await to see whether or not Deidara finally reaches his true happiness. He definitely deserves it, as does Sasori who I know will be truly happy once Deidara is free from his gilded cage.

One last thing before I go: I can definitely see where some of the story scenes got their inspiration, especially when they were interns. (Loving the show so far, by the way. And usually I hate most tv shows nowadays.)

Well, that's enough for now, so with that I thank you for writing this and I'm glad I got the chance to read it. It made me happy.

11/16/2014 c23 3LolzYukari
Awww man, it's going to be horribly sad when this fic end, but at the same time I can't wait. I really love the fact you make birthday chapters and they are in time for their birthday. This whole chapter is cute, and the symbolism was nice (although a little obvious) I really loved the reaction Hidan gave to finding out that Deidara is dating and Cohabiting with Sasori. BTW I would suggest you reread the last half of this fic, there are some sentences when that are a bit weird, and you spelled Sasoris name wrong when Hidan was screaming his name...

Anyways, I can not wait for the next chapter. Beautiful writing like always! : )
11/11/2014 c23 1PsychoPyro
I swear this chapter was too precious. I caught myself smiling like an idiot through half of it haha. I just can't get over how perfectly you write them and how complex they are. I just love these two so much!

Excellent writing as usual! I'm really sad to hear we're nearing the end of this fantastic story. I can only hope you'll soon write another one! I enjoy reading your work very much :)
11/8/2014 c23 laurette
Wahh super glad that you updated. Oh also omg I didn't realize they were dating already? Also the kiss? That's super cute !
Naruto just ended (the manga) and do you have any opinion about how the end is? Do tell (I'm also sad that your story is nearing end.. More sasodei moments please)
There's this naruto game with a full story about how akatsuki was formed. So much sasori scene time so I was happy! You should see it if you haven't.
Waiting for the update!
11/7/2014 c23 37anniegirl132
Yay, I hope Deidara really does quit soon so he an be happy and do his art like Sasori... And I loved the ending! XD so cute!
10/17/2014 c22 14amkay
Read it all in one day and I have to I enjoyed it, especially in the beginning where there was a lot of conflict and all the characters were interacting together.

I especially enjoyed the antics of Deidara a d Hidan. And Pain. He was hilarious in his own way.

I loved the way you portrayed Sasori and made him more than the emotionless puppet some people seem to mistake him as. In my opinion, all the Akatsuki were so much more than what people were shown.

The idea that Deidara and Sasori are basically stuck in the same situation yet deal with it in different ways only further proves how human you've made them, and I commend you for that. I've always enjoyed stories where these two are developed as real people rather than the generic mad bomber and stoic puppet.

However, (and don't think this is a major issue, it's honestly just me) the further I read into the story the more I noticed that everyone aside from Deidara and Sasori kinds just . . . well, vanished. That bugged me. I'd like to see a bit more involvement of all the other characters since you developed them so well, but I understand if you can't due to the plot. Or maybe you'll have them show up later and I'm just being impatient. I just really like when a story focuses on more than two or three people for several chapters in a row.

Again, this could just be me so don't see this as an issue. It's just my opinion.

Anyway, I do like this story and your unique take on everyone (especially Deidara and Sasori), so I'll be keeping an eye on where you take Kismet.

Thanks for writing this,

9/23/2014 c22 1FaintReality
Hi! Ohhh it's been a while since I read this dfoc, and I noticed it was updated recently so... I read it all again! XD Just for the sake of it... And I remembered why did I love it so much! The plot is amazing- the characters, ohhh man! Somehow you manage to put Sasori and Deidara in an altern universe and not become ooc :D even their 'romantic' relationship seems and feels so real... I'm glad the story's still ongoing! You're a great writer :DD can't wait for the next update
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