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for Eliot and the Assassin's Code

4/25/2018 c59 GUEST
12/18/2017 c59 7Cgarcia555
I have read this story three times now. I dearly loved it. I do hope you have a sequel or a continuation of this on planned.
Thank you so much for keeping me entertained for so long.
2/22/2017 c64 Wanda
I really enjoyed your story. Thanks :-)
12/28/2015 c64 Cgarcia555
Thaks for the new chapter. Hope you are going to fo a new story about every ones new life.
12/27/2015 c63 Cgarcia555
Loved reading this story. It is more a spin off of Leverage than true Leverage to me, but still very enjoyable. Was very saddened to get to the end of this chapter to find it unfinished. Hope I find the ending in one of your other stories. Or will you be finishing this one?
4/8/2015 c1 ajblake
I hope the and update some soon, there were some errors bit were quite easy to look over since they either weren't that big or did not occur often. I like the story line but the unmarked change of POV or time changes are a bit confusing. Until the next update, Happy Writing!
12/22/2014 c60 athea781
Is Sophie putting together a little Christmas surprise for Aria? Is the gang going to meet her in Vienna? That would be such a great ending if everyone surprises Aria at the Christmas Market in Vienna.
This has been such a good story, I really hate to see it end. Hopefully there'll be some questions answered before the end.
I'm so looking forward to the rest of your story & Hopefully you have another in the works.
Thank-you for sharing with us.
** Merry Christmas **
12/13/2014 c55 ann.ryce
Very good chapter and some questions answered! So Moreau was a child of gypsies, big change for him! I can understand Aria keeping her promise to his family since at one point she did love him! He will go down right? Who is this other person they are going after? You leave me with more questions, not fair!
12/12/2014 c54 athea781
Ok, things are starting to come together now. I am starting to see the big picture. What I need now is to figure out figure the hierarchy of the "bad guys" & who is actually in charge. AND where Aria fits in! Lets see... we have Eliot, Shelly, Mack & Vance on one side. Then we have Moreau, the Italian & the Major on the other side. And somewhere in between we have Aria. Maybe Aria is on one side & Azrael is on the other, hmmm.
Well all I can do is wait for the next chapters. Thank-you for sharing with us. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
12/11/2014 c54 ann.ryce
Enjoyed this chapter as well, but when are we gonna find out what is going on? I am getting anxious waiting for it! It has to be something bad if she doesn't want to tell Eliot!
12/10/2014 c53 ann.ryce
Enjoyed it. Makes sense that Moreau had some one that at one point he answered to and why that person would want him taken down! Can't wait to find out what Aria isn't telling Eliot or are we going to?
12/9/2014 c52 Guest
That was good! Glad Eliot and Mack got out without to many injuries. Especially loved the end of the chapter! Traffic Control!
12/8/2014 c49 Guest
That was a teaser chapter! Not fair at all. I need to know what is happening with Eliot and that Italian witch!
12/7/2014 c49 athea781
What? I've been really enjoying this story. That was up until this chapter. This left me asking "What the Hell?".
Their dressed in their finest, traveling in an airplane to Paris.
Nate & Hardison are "astounded" that Moreau is alive. Aria let him live & helped him escape form prison. And he's a puppet.
It's not an American or a Russian problem.
Azrael is "staging a reckoning".
Yet I'm totally left asking myself "What happened in this chapter?" I don't have a clue.
I realize the need for a chapter of background info but, you really should have provided another with it for entertainment. You have to keep your reader's interest.
Without the next chapter accompanying this, the present chapter has no real meaning at this moment.
Please provide us with another ASAP. Again... I really have been enjoying your story & am looking forward to more.
12/6/2014 c48 athea781
Ooooo... you just enjoy teasing us, don't you? This fire isn't burnin' hot enough for you is it? You just gotta get a stick & poke a higher flame out of it, don't you?
It's not enough that Eliot & Mack have been kidnapped, now you have them at the mercy of "the Italian"? She's totally psycho, she has no conscious, she's a Sociopath. And she wants info from them that Eliot can provide but won't & Mack is shocked by but had his suspicions about. What the Hell IS Aria & what has she been up to?
This is building up to be an EPIC battle. Pleeease.. hurry with some more chapters. I'm on the edge & ready to topple over. We NEED answers!
Thank-you again for sharing with us. ( Even though it was actually a tease, it added to the suspense.)
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