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4/15/2013 c35 Guest
This was very good I loved it
4/14/2013 c30 Devin
4/14/2013 c30 Devin
What was the s
3/29/2013 c1 1finchelgleek630
I just saw your account and have read most of your stories and info and im totally obsessed! ( Not in a stalker waay) but seriously. Great account and your such a great writer!
3/27/2013 c35 1JustAmyRobHere
Love this great story
3/4/2013 c33 loveabitofglee
Yay phantom!
2/28/2013 c16 Guest
Just so you know December 18th, 2012 was Rachel's 18th birthday! Everybody keeps saying its her 19th but in the episode Hello in season 1, she said she was born on December 18th, 1994 which would make her 18 in 2012 not 19! Sorry it just bothers me when people screw that up
2/23/2013 c16 Lauren
I love this fic! Your song selections are way better than the ones on the show lately! Loved the choice for Blaine and Kurt's duet!
2/22/2013 c35 4clarissadele
I've been reading this story from the beginning, and wow! I love it! Want to know how i found it? I searched most reviews for a finchel story into fan fiction. And THIS came up. Absolutely worth my time. I'll for sure be reading more from you! One piece of advice: At times, Brittany didn't sound...how do i put this...stupid enough. LOL. This made her sound slightly out of character, so theres something to think about for next time. But damn! I love it! Going into my favs. Please, keep writing! And check out my Glee stories! Okay, thanks for posting this! It's amazing!
2/5/2013 c1 Gleegirl23
Sorry I have know Idea what my password is but amazing story so far you are so talented
2/5/2013 c35 cousin.isobel
Wow, I loved this so much. The whole story was amazing and this was a beautiful ending. I can only apologise for not reviewing more - I read most of my fanfic on an app when I don't have internet so I acn't review rigth after reading, and I'm bad at remembering to review when I get back - I'm so sorry. I cannot wait to read your next stories. It willl be so cute to read about Finchel and Allie and I can't wait to get back to Emma and teh rest of the Hudsons!

I would also like to congratulate you for turning me, someone who used to find Finchel fairly annoying, into a solid Finchel shipper (although I couldn't quite call them my OTP - that will always be Klaine). Your stories are just so good and helped me to realise that they are just meant to be together. It was annoying Glee was all about them when they were together, but now they just NEED to get back together and quick! :)

Thanks again, you are definitely my most-read fanfic author :)
2/3/2013 c35 2KlaineGleekStarkidfan4eva
Love! The significance of the day is the day season 2 episode 21 Funeral aired where Finn realizes that he loves Rachel and not Quinn, and the time 1:14 is for season 1 episode 14 Hell-O where Finchel is officially a couple then break up, and then Finn wants Rachel back but she rejects him for Jesse. And 1:18 stands for season 1 episode 18 Laryngitis where Finn tells Rachel that he's cares about her more than Jesse and he sings Jesse's Girl. Am I right? Please let me know if I'm right, I would like to know how awesome I am ;P
2/3/2013 c35 5HarrylovesGinny09
Nice chapter
2/3/2013 c35 RAGML
This is just...jus amazing! What a perfect ending, couldn't ask for a better one! I'm so happy and this is making me cry. I'm so happy everyone is happy and theyre all living their perfect life! Just so cute and adorable! Allie's bigger and older and more kids! I'm so sad another great story eneded but I so look forward to the other stories you'll write.

Just so you know, you're one of the best Finchel/glee writer in Fanfiction. You're so amazing! Keep it up! :D
2/3/2013 c35 May
Aww so Perfect! Love it so much. LoveFinChel :D
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