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5/23 c14 2Lordlexx
You'd think with Harry's adventures with Lockhart 2nd year that he'd be able to put "missing memories" and "Memory Charms" together in the same thought. Him being this dense about it is painful.
5/1 c34 Katt Kiki
So just checked this out and I luv it please update again
4/14 c34 Guest
Oh my good I've been hoping you a long time :') I need more
1/18 c34 perfectshade
Hey, nice to hear of you again and see some more of this story.

This chapter was a little weird for me. While I liked Andrina‘s character as well as company to set up some of the later plot points at Triton‘s court. Or reinforce the lineage question that has some importance and definitely sway over the sisters‘ lifes. I also struggled with pinning down Andrina‘s voice.

As a character she didn‘t really stuck out with anything particularly unique if that makes sense? She had her own clear motivations and ways of approaching any given situation. She certainly was not lacking in character when it comes to that.

But felt like she was almost more saying things that were expected of her? Always carefully measured what effect any given statement would have and thus tailored for a desired result. Rarely inflecting her underlying feelings on it?

Which makes sense considering her position as a princess and as the second one supporting her elder in particular. Further supported by how she tends towards drifting into her own introspection while not particularly letting those thoughts and feelings show on the outside.

Still left me kind of wanting for something more involved. An unreasonable wish in retrospect precisely because of what kind of person she had to be at the court. But I kind of hope her inner thoughts are an indication of her being a bit more personable and direct now that she is away from home and soon to act on her own initiative in a highly volatile as well as rapidly changing situation. Something to pull her out of that… not quite comfort zone but sense of familiarity and push more into open interaction.

That is it I think. Now, was that intentional for her character on your part or am I misunterpreting matters? I think I don‘t dislike it, but would find fault if she stayed that fleeting in interaction over a longer period of time. Seems unlikely considering her inner thoughts and previous conversation with her older sister. But still.

Anway, glad to see you‘re still working at it and that the plot is moving nicely.
1/17 c34 1ShadowFireHime-Sama
When will harry and Ariel regain their memories I am eagerly looking forward to a reunion of Triton and harry because triton adopted harry I am hoping its a happy reunion of father and son
1/16 c34 36AliceCullen3
1/16 c34 N. A. Wennerholm
I think the best way to deal With 5he British Wizards is to expose them by using Magic that both Magical and Mundane can hear Where Triton threatens to swamp all of Great Britain for what Dumbledore and his followed have done Thus pissing off Queen Elizabeth. Plus I would also make clear what The Dursleys did to Harry and how Dumbledore Placed Harry with 4hem and most likely against the Potters wills. And point out how the Atlantica royal family adopted Harry and loved him and nursed him back to health after all the abuse and neglect. And even go so far as to point out how Dumbledore violates the laws dealing with child welfare on abuse and neglect and not reporting it as required by law.
1/16 c34 1LadyHopeofGallifrey
Awesome chapter! Loved it! :)
1/16 c34 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
1/9 c17 Artimuos Sen
Wow way to be grateful to Hermione by shouting at her.
1/9 c32 Artimuos Sen
Where is Sebastian and Flounder?
1/9 c15 Artimuos Sen
Just don't make Ron a bad friend, he is like a brother to Harry and in every fan fiction whenever Harry has new friend Ron always got excluded in fourth year in which he never told Harry about dragons, which even he never knew about.
1/9 c9 Artimuos Sen
Unnecessary bullshit just to make Dumbledore a villian and stretch the story so that writer didn't have to add new but change some basic storyline of actual books.
1/9 c6 Artimuos Sen
Always easier to make Dumbledore a villain instead of a great but flawed character. If he was this manipulative no power can hold him to become ruler of wizarding world with power of Elder wand.
1/9 c33 28Evil Fanfiction Writer
update please...
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