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for Under the Sea

6/7 c36 1hermonine
Great story! Keep up the great work and update soon!
4/21 c36 7Kaito Echizen
4/21 c35 Kaito Echizen
:) :)
4/21 c33 Kaito Echizen
4/16 c36 JamonsitaWeasley
A few days ago I found this story, so I don't know how often it is updated normally, or if it will continue to be updated, but I hope you don't leave this story, because I LOVE IT. I don't usually like crossovers, but this one is beautiful.
I just hope you never leave this story (:
4/5 c36 lulubunny
can you add more please i actually started reading this and I like it I hope you do write more
3/18 c36 Abusamadresjones
Por favor publica un nuevo capitulo, soy Blade potter de works
3/7 c36 Carolyn
When will this story be updated?
2/27 c17 greekmythfan
Oh poor Harry! Thought McGonagall's line about teaching him fencing made me chuckle :D
2/27 c16 greekmythfan
Oh my-I love how you had the first task from Ariel's POV rather than Harry's. Nice job mixing it up!

And props to Harry for using his resources to translate the egg in record time!
2/11 c2 Guest
Hi from Reddit. I liked the interaction between Triton and Dumbledore, will be interesting to see them together in the future. Also, poor Harry - so scared of being punished because of the Durselys.
2/11 c1 19myheadsgonenumb
Interesting idea for a crossover. I like the way you capture Vernon - and a good twist on 'you're a wizard, Harry,' at the end.
2/11 c14 greekmythfan
You know, Ariel's sisters should have gotten more screen time than what they did. Say what you want about the third movie, at least they got a chance to shine! :D
2/11 c13 greekmythfan
Aww! Harry thinking of Sirius first but stopping as he remembered that Sirius left the safety of where ever he was for him after Harry wrote about his scar hurting and didn't want him to be discovered!

Also, there really needed to be more moments between Sirius and Harry in canon! I know you can't control that but I wanted to have it be known!
2/11 c12 greekmythfan
Okay Harry running into Charlie made me chuckle!

But Charlie, you know not what you've brought upon Hogwarts by telling the twins about the RoR!
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