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7/30 c40 ColonelBeanbags
This did go pretty much how I expected it would given Jacks personality, but it works well though. The ending has me a bit worried for Jack.
6/26 c39 7Amateur Sketch
I hope the dinner goes well but knowing Jack... XD
6/23 c39 ColonelBeanbags
Not really surprised how Cat’s old teacher ended going. Nice reference in regards to Arthur Morgen from Red Dead Redemption 2, I hope the dinner goes well.
5/30 c38 Amateur Sketch
the only way I can see Fordham backing away from this case is if he dies.
5/27 c38 9imajisaheartlandfan
Loved the update! Can't wait for more!
5/27 c38 ColonelBeanbags
A unexpected but a very big move Cat has done, forgiving her aunt that is, forgive me if I have missed something but it says in the bible to forgive those who have sinned against us, Cat has done that, I’m very proud for Cat right now making the next more of recovery in her life, it will be for the better I just know it will, I’m definitely excited for what you have planned next.
5/19 c37 ColonelBeanbags
That was a very nice first outing Jack and Cat were having until that agent had to ruin it, but thank god Cat has now officially stood up against Archer.

However I love how the relationship between Jack and Cat is slowly coming along, keep it up.
5/18 c37 7Amateur Sketch
Yes! I'm glad to see her telling Archer off. It was years overdue!
3/26 c36 ColonelBeanbags
Absolutely fantastic chapter, I’m really excited seeing jack and Cat go on a potential adventure.

I think it’s good that while Cats father does not approve of Jack, he trust Cat with what she is doing. This fits really well.
12/28/2019 c33 ColonelBeanbags
Of course Archer would immediately suspect Jack, that is something I’ve been worrying about. I just don’t want them to find any concrete proof it was Jack,
12/28/2019 c32 ColonelBeanbags
The confession Cat makes to her father is very brave and seeing him breakdown while very sad, Especially how he must have felt knowing his own brother was completely cruel and had been torturing her and how Emily kept him in the dark the whole time.

I believe he will now do the right thing by Cat as well. Sure Cats father has his flaws but he does truly love his only child.
12/28/2019 c31 ColonelBeanbags
I just hope what Jack has said is true that he won’t get caught.

I think Cat would be a great rancher alongside Jack. I agree with Catherine that being with Jack is her choice and it does not matter what others think.

Honestly I believe Jack and Cat truly deserve each other, they both deserve to marry, they both deserve grow old together, they both deserve to have children and grandchildren, They both deserve so much.
12/28/2019 c30 ColonelBeanbags
I tear up reading this chapter, I really think this is sad yet incredibly sweet.
12/28/2019 c29 ColonelBeanbags
Interesting time too as the real life American Frontier territory expansion ended two years earlier in 1912, the frontier based on what I read would still be around until 1920.

That ring Abigail gave Jack I think would look beautiful on Cat, just my opinion.

Good to see Ross finally get punished though he deserved a crueller punishment. I just hope the evidence never emerges against Jack.

That ending too, I hope Jack will finally do the right thing.
12/27/2019 c28 ColonelBeanbags
I understand that Jack is mad, but the way he just treated Cat is no excuse what so ever. He knew better then that. I honestly just he’s happy for doing that, because that will come back and bite him badly, I just know that.
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