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5/10 c49 ColonelBeanbags
Another great chapter, I’m certainly liking the conversations.
4/6 c48 ColonelBeanbags
That explosion certainly got me by surprise.
4/5 c48 7Amateur Sketch
oh... she's THAT Lucy :O
3/14 c47 ColonelBeanbags
Jack is going great at Bounty hunting, just hope he is careful though, now that Sadie has left for home, do hope to see her again.
3/13 c47 Amateur Sketch
I thought Dominick would die in this chapter. Now I'm curious to see what his future roll will be in this
1/29 c46 ColonelBeanbags
I’m so glad the dinner went well, I think Kat got along well with Sadie, and I’m glad that Kats father actually thanked Jack for bringing her home.
1/5 c45 ColonelBeanbags
I’m almost crying myself seeing what Jack has given Kat, there relationship is growing steady but also stronger.

Can’t to see Kat meet Sadie and to see the rewritten edits of this story.
1/4 c45 Amateur Sketch
I thought for a moment he was going to propose! :O

But the this was a cute and fluff chapter. I'm glad to see more Jack and Cat stuff :3
12/15/2020 c44 ColonelBeanbags
Awesome last chapter for 2020, can’t wait to see the rewritten chapters.
11/29/2020 c43 ColonelBeanbags
This should be great to introduce Kat to Sadie, I think they would get along.
11/18/2020 c42 14imajisaheartlandfan
Oh I'm so happy you've added Sadie in! Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/15/2020 c42 ColonelBeanbags
Talk about a great twist with this chapter, woah. It’s fantastic though, Seeing Sadie Adler come back into the picture will be very interesting, Especially if she meets Cat.
11/15/2020 c42 7Amateur Sketch
Yes! Sadie is back! Can't wait to see what adventures she drags Jack on and how she and Cat will interact. :D
11/1/2020 c41 ColonelBeanbags
I most certainly enjoyed this, Jacks first bounty went well, can’t wait to see what comes next, glad to hear you are doing ok now.
7/30/2020 c40 ColonelBeanbags
This did go pretty much how I expected it would given Jacks personality, but it works well though. The ending has me a bit worried for Jack.
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