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for Fairy Dance of Death

4/24 c31 sirbruno95
I really like how you went out of your way to portray Griselda and Grimmlock as a proper couple with a dynamic instead of taking the lazy route and simply portray Grimmlock as the spineless husband and Griselda as the tragic casualty of his insecurity. It's endearing (And depressing taking into account how it may end up) how it portrays their love in the RW as mutual despite it not being that different from canon. I hope that their eventual fallout feels like a proper tragedy rather than just simple drama for drama's sake.
7/18/2023 c12 collin.civish
I really don't know why Asuna dislikes Kirito. he's never been rude to her at all, so her insistence that he's a jerk makes no sense.
7/18/2023 c12 collin.civish
I really don't know why Asuna dislikes Kirito. he's never been rude to her at all, so her insistence that he's a jerk makes no sense.
5/17/2023 c53 Guest
An alternate title for this could be "SAO but it's actually well written". My congratulations, this is simply fantastic, hands down one of, if not the best piece of fanfiction I've ever read, in terms of raw quality.
4/28/2023 c53 1Animebob
This fanfic is pure gold, I haven’t read one this good in a while. Its also the reason why I have a lack of sleep recently, I just cant stop reading.
4/26/2023 c53 Guest
Holy cow. It's hard to believe it's been ten long years by now. It's amazing to see that you're continuing to work on this work of art! Thank you for all you've done this far and I look forward to the coming years!
4/22/2023 c30 Guest
OOOOOO Kiribro is has fallen in loveeee and ik this was 10 years ago but I hope rn your living life to the fullest.
3/8/2023 c53 Guest
I prefer to use this site or the app because you can’t sort stories on AO3. The user interface is not nearly as user friendly. So, please, continue to update here.
3/6/2023 c53 5etErnALChaOsMaKer
Great to see you writing again... I'll stick with this fic for as long as it takes... Wonderful work...
2/17/2023 c3 jpmorin93
Can anyone explain why the Imp leader (Friekel) chose to remain in place instead of fleeing? As the faction leader one would think that he would prioritize his safety (and his faction's safe zone) over forming a defensive line.
1/25/2023 c53 1Diabolical Shadow
Finally caught back up after realizing there were a few new chapters, so I restarted the whole read to refamiliarize myself with it again. Great work, most definitely one of the best SAO fics I've read here. Can't wait for arc 4, but I'm patient. Wish you the best with life, mortality can be harrowing, and take care of yourself.
1/14/2023 c53 6ThatRabidPotato
And so I catch up, after days of binging. All I can say is that the only real flaw in this piece is that there's not more.

I'm glad to hear you're still intent on finishing it. I look forward to the next update, whenever it is; hopefully soon.
1/11/2023 c27 ThatRabidPotato
Where do I even start? I was planning to wait to the end of the fic to leave a summarizing review, but I want to make sure I put down what's on my mind before I forget it.

The large majority of people who write fanfic, to be frank, are people who shouldn't be allowed to touch a keyboard. For every dozen of them, you get one that's mediocre. For every two dozen or so of those, you get someone who's actually pretty good.

And for every dozen of THEM, you get someone like YOU.

Perhaps the best way to sum up your writing is that you take the franchise you're dealing with and elevate it into everything it can be. Details, characters, plot, worldbuilding, all the things that go into making a truly great story. There're other writers like you out there, that do this for their favorite franchises, but they're so vanishingly few. It's a genuinely wonderful feeling to click on a story, to click on "Next Chapter", and KNOW, beyond a shadow of doubt, that it will be both entertaining and satisfying to read. I actually didn't have any interest in any part of the SAO franchise other than Aincrad and the Death Game; I was leery about reading this because I don't care about Alfheim or the later stuff in general. But I read a couple of your other stories and trusted that you, as a writer, would put up something good. I haven't been disappointed; this is essentially an in-universe crossover, and you execute it seamlessly.

The best part of all is that this was updated within the last two months, as I write this; you're still an active writer. The SAO franchise is blessed to have you, and I'd be happy to read any more of your stories for it. Perhaps you might also consider doing Danmachi or ReZero, if you want to branch out?
12/30/2022 c53 Aain
Finally made a fanfic account. I have been following this since 8th grade and I'm now in my 2nd year of college LOL. I guess there's hope I can read the end of this story before I hit 40.
Jokes aside, I have been strapped in for the long haul for half a decade now. Another half-decade doesn't phase me, especially now that it's the final act (THANK GOD).
12/20/2022 c1 3GodfatherKD
i can't get the abridged voices out of my head
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