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for Fairy Dance of Death

11/19/2020 c1 Potbellyshrub
I thought it was great and the idea behind it is insanely interesting. It's hard to find good fanfics and this is a good one definitely.
11/13/2020 c17 BlueFin314
Okay, I freely admit I know almost nothing of SAO (a couple of fanfics before this one, and a quick skim through the Wikipedia article), and nothing covering ALO in any detail - if it even really affects this that much.

But, assuming that six races are left behind when the boss is first defeated and the other three get Eternal Flight, will all the members of those three races leave immediately? Yes, the real world is far safer, but, as far as I can tell, death is rare enough that those with friends in other races, or even those who like ALO, may very well choose to help their friends for as long as possible. Already very fighting oriented players (cough Salamanders) would be able to make use of Eternal Flight if they were to choose to stay. It wouldn’t be the end of the world (pun not completely intended) if the races aren’t picked exactly in that order.

Of course, given that many would take the opportunity, letting the smaller, less vital races leave first would make sense just so the society doesn’t completely fall apart - losing the Leprechauns would mean other swordsmiths would need to be trained, or they have to hope that enough stay so that that isn’t necessary.

Assuming it isn’t necessary to leave immediately, would it be possible just to repeat the boss multiple times with the same people, which would surely be the quickest way to do it? Also assuming that it doesn’t end completely when that happens, which given all this build up to the possibility of continuation I doubt.

Why am I overanalysing something I hardly understand?
11/9/2020 c50 Guest
If only he or she knew when he or she said that in the note at the end
11/7/2020 c50 lionheart13k
As someone who has only recently found this fic (and read the whole thing in the span of 3 days) I am quite looking forward to whenever the next update is. I was hoping to see it yesterday but I understand that it must be quite difficult to write MMO combat in a way that is interesting and different.

I hope we see the battle soon! I’m very interested in finding out what happens in one of my favorite fics.
11/6/2020 c50 Guest
Just found this gem on the website and I gotta say, for those of you wanting this to become canon, why don't we start a petition :)
10/30/2020 c50 Guest
Someone dropped a review saying that theyd rather see this become canon, and I wholeheartedly agree. Also your 2020 comment in the AN aged pretty badly eh xD
Hope to see an update soon bro, looking forward to it
10/26/2020 c50 1Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
Allllright! You sir, have an amazing imagination and this story just keeps my mind reeling and wondering where it’s all going. I can’t wait to see the next chapter. Hopefully this review gives ya some motivation for the next chapter. For real tho, so into it. Also checked out that “Monochrome duetstory you suggested. Also diggin it. Thanks! Can’t wait for 51
10/25/2020 c50 8PinkHimeLacus
Omg. This is so absolutely amazing. Words can't describe how much I love this. The world building. The story telling. Characters development. Most of all, I love the romance between Kirito and Asuna. Such a fantastic and gripping experience to jump into. I couldn't stop reading. I really hope for more chapters. Thank you so much for sharing!
10/23/2020 c30 1Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
Wow... my dude... I’ve read tons of FF over the past 4 years... and I’m am so into this story it’s mind bottling. You know? Like when your thoughts are so everywhere like they’re trapped in a bottle? Lol, but seriously. I’m glad I started reading this when I did cuz I’ve had 30 chapters of fucking awesome to read, and 20ish to go. You’ve created a wicked world my dude, I feel like I’m reading the Inheritance Cycle for my first time learning about their magic language all over again. Big props. Also great chapter .
10/20/2020 c50 Guest246
Thank you for the story thus far! I am definitely looking forward to what comes next!

I wonder if the reference to Yuuki being another hyper-aware person is going to be key in the dual wielding skill (as was brought up in the anime where Kirito was certain she would have gotten it if she were in SAO). Will the dual wielding skill even be in FDD? I wonder if a certain Norse god is going to be making another appearance during the raid.

Hope you are well and safe! Until next chapter :)
10/18/2020 c37 Guest246
Wow...just wow.
10/15/2020 c30 Guest246
Great story so far! Also, thank you for the reference to Whiz's Fiction 101 in a former chapter!


I did not see Skarrip shifting into Loki coming AT ALL. That was...wow. It looks like Heathcliff/Kayaba (who told Testuo his dreams may not be understood by the world and the people who live in it) is truly stuck in it like the rest of them considering a) he became a remain light at some point and b) Loki may or may not be able to actually manipulate the game controls and if so may or may not have taken over. I am definitely looking forward to the next act and the eventual conclusion of the story (since it seems to be ongoing). Hope all is well and thank you for the story thus far! Until next time :)
10/9/2020 c13 Creooo
Asuna is such a fucking bitch
10/5/2020 c50 Guest
Okay so... This fic is actually insane. Crazy. Unbelievable. Astounding. Because when I turned to this website in desperation for some SAO fanfic, I really wasn't expecting much. I was expecting, the, uh, you know, usual harem stories with bad plot, grammar, spelling, etc. I tapped on this fic not expecting anything at all and knowing this was gonna be a LONG ride. AND LOOK WHERE I AM NOW, EATING MY OWN WORDS. Your world building, detail, dialogue, plot, description, characters, spelling, grammar? EVERYTHING ON POINT AF. This is one of the most crazily good fics I've ever read and I can't believe you've been going since 2012! That's insane! The quality of this fic is leagues above this site. The way there was a logical explanation for legitimately everything, the way THERE IS ACTUAL PLOT which surprises me makes me cry tears of joy. I hope you know there are so many people out here enjoying each chapter and the amount of effort and love you've poured into it.
10/1/2020 c50 5Checkingdude
Wow. It’s taken me almost four days to get to this point in your story, a very well crafted, highly interesting, clearly invested in, and oh so good on the researched work of fucking art. Just...wow! Seriously, people writing the current light novels could learn a thing or two from you. Hell, I would actually rather see this as the canon, because you’ve managed to make the original material look like a knock off. Seriously with all the cereal, holy fucking shit, I love it. I would pay more money than I actually have to see this animated. If I had three wishes, let’s just say you’d like the second wish I’d make. Also, all the references your making, beautiful, they crack me up every time. As someone that’s read Enders Game, that reference was likely my favorite so far. I can’t wait to see more, hopefully soon!
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