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11/23/2012 c1 AllIsFairInLoveAndWar
11/10/2012 c1 34Tiana-P
I haven't even had the chance to watch the ep yet, but I just know that I'll be thinking this throughout these scenes :D Thank you for this! I think you've made the episode great again (from what I've heard/read!)
11/10/2012 c1 36francis2
Nice rewrite, if you like Kono with Steve. I'm open for both.
11/10/2012 c1 44Sidalee
Okay, first, I don't think your A/N is hateful towards Catherine. You are allowed to have an opinion and if someone doesn't read your story because of it, well it's their loss then. I have no major problems with Catherine as a character but she mainly become wasted screen-time and started to irritate me. Also the lack of chemistry between Alex and Michelle makes it more painful to watch.
Anyway, thank you for writing this, I love it. I was shocked when Cath picked up Grace cos I'd never thought they ever met and stuff so I like how you made Kono to do it cos it was a more reasonable choice. Also thank you so, so much for leaving out the cringe-worthy cuddling scene, geez it was so OOC for both Steve and Danny.
Perfect story, please write more!
11/9/2012 c1 3TvFanatic97
I always enjoy it immensely when people re-write scenes to make them McKono because it makes up for the lack of McKono in this season. It's funny/weird because I've wondering if you would write anymore fanfics following "Arrow to the Knee" and I logged onto FF to see this!

Anyway I love how you seamlessly substituted Catherine for Kono in the scenes that were originally McKono and you actually made it fitting to their characters by altering certain dialogue and actions. There are some parts I'm actually quite glad that you changed an example being the scene with Cath and Grace because whilst it may have been cute on the show, I just didn't think it made sense for Grace to be bonding with Cath whom she only recently met and yet we haven't seen her bonding with Chin or Kono. I also liked how you changed the whole reasoning for "The Notebook" to make it suit Kono's character because your version of it all just seemed much more plausible and fitting.

You alteration of the ending was perfect because you linked it back to their talk in the cafe which showed that Grace really took what Kono said to heart, which was cute. I also liked that you had Danny and Grace leave afterwards because on the show I didn't like the cuddling between Steve and Danny because it felt slightly OOC for an ex-Navy SEAL to be cuddling with another grown man. I approve of the make-out session you put at the end instead of them watching "The Notebook".

I enjoyed reading this and I hope you'll be writing more McKono fics in the future, if your muse allows!
11/8/2012 c1 Redlioness62
Thank you. Haven't really been able to enjoy the show since they added Catherine. The chemistry just doesn't work. It seems so forced. The previous episode when Steve's mother came over and they woke up together kind of made me a bit nauseous. I just saying.
11/8/2012 c1 bushy4
So good. Way better than the real show. Yeah the whole cath issue what is that all about. Why do the writers put us through this torture. First Lori be cath. Come on!
11/7/2012 c1 41robinh
I guess the main thing to say is thank you. God, this season is torture. I can totally relate to the hardship you went through re-watching the damn thing. This episode was actually the worst, after the promos were actually promising...
Anyway, nice job. I could Not picture Catherine ever talking to Grace this way, and the scene with Kono was actually making much more sense. Some McKono hotness as well, you are so good to us. Well done, and Thanks again.

On with the fight! We'll go through it. Somehow...
11/7/2012 c1 plws
I like your story better than the show Monday night.
11/6/2012 c1 Guest
"waste screen time with so much Catherine"

Steve/Kono is my otp but I stopped reading right there. You can write them without hating on Cath.
11/6/2012 c1 jackyxoxo
i loved it :)
11/6/2012 c1 Guest
SO much better with them and Im not even a S/K shipper!
11/6/2012 c1 41quisinart4
Yes! You made my day completely better cause I was so hoping for a re-write fic to pop up, even as I was mentally re-writing this in my head while watching the episode. The couch makeout was much better this way ;) AND thank you for making The Notebook issue work because honestly, I can't believe they went there last night. I'm not a Catherine hater but she lost some cool points from me for her taste in movies, and especially for being the kind of girlfriend that makes Steve, Super SEAL Steve!, sit through it. Kono's reason makes much more sense, and it's much more hilarious to think she faked interest in watching the movie just to torture Steve.

I really like your history of Kono's dad being a cop. Such a shame that she's been on the show since episode one and we know nothing about her, such a shame. So glad to see her comforting Danny.

("By the way, I fully expect to be compensated later for letting you take that time off." He announces while waggling his eyebrows. Kono only laughs and swats him in the chest as they walk out the door.)

Adorable! :D I love that teasing and banter and the payback promises, I can't stop grinning.

(Kono always had a knack for eating unhealthy breakfasts, whether it was the sickly sweet cereal or sprinkling an enormous amount of sugar onto her fruits, much to the disdain of her parents.)

So cute. I really like Kono's conversation with Gracie and how she sees herself in the young girl. So glad to see their surfing lessons are still on!

(Kono narrows her eyes at him and tightens her grip on his shoulders. "You want me to put in The Notebook again?" She asks in mock seriousness.
Steve only laughs and pulls her head down for another kiss.)

Now THAT'S more like it! So cute and so glad they got their alone time. This was much needed to end my night with so thank you for sharing it with us so quickly. Please write more, we need all the McKono fics we can get this season! :)
11/6/2012 c1 Dracomione-KoVeLover
Cute... but I wish there were more Steve and Kono moments.
Good job!
11/6/2012 c1 7teenycee
Omg, yes! I'm so glad that you're back to writing and that you decided to re-write last night's ep. I was waiting for someone to re-write it. Thank goodness you did, and this was definitely so much better! I'm annoyed with how the writers are writing Catherine, too, and it just gets worse after every episode. I cringed so much last night, but after reading this, I feel so much better. Thank you so much for writing this. This was amazing, you totally saved me from going insane.

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