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for Sword Art Online: Second Reality

6/30/2020 c1 X1AutumnLeaf
6/15/2018 c5 XBnemesisX
Awesome story so far, but I have a question

Are you getting info from the manga/anime, the original novels, or the game series? I'd like to try a SAO fanfic of my own but I only have access to the first novel and the anime and your story is super detailed so far.

Happy writing,
12/16/2016 c8 Guest
This is really dull and boring, I wish you would go more into detail. Right now the chapters are just talk a bit, skip, fight scene then talk more end. Liked the Santa quest but it only lasted a couple paragraphs and didn't go into depth either.
12/16/2016 c6 Guest
For characterization this is really rushed and undetailed.
12/16/2016 c3 Guest
How stupid, they could just message him. Also, hopefully the romance (if there is any) isn't as cringe worthy as that blushy mess of 'omg girl must try to score'
3/10/2016 c18 11HRHPrincessTricia
Well, sad that you've decided not to write a sequel. I wish Monica and Klein had some sort of resolution.
3/10/2016 c12 HRHPrincessTricia
If it's been two years, why is Klein still introducing himself as 24? Shouldn't he be 26 by now?
10/28/2015 c18 Golderik
it was a good storie I hope sommone continute it
10/16/2015 c18 wolfenergy17
I just found this story, and I love it. I have been reading it non-stop for 2 days now. It is so good, I even had dreams about it, which only happens to me when I read something really good and I am invested in the storyline. I am sad to see that you aren't planning on continuing the story into the Fairy Dance Arc. I would've loved to see Monica in Alfheim. Either way, I am grateful that you posted this story for me to enjoy. I loved the characters and I totally called who Monica would be paired with on the third or fourth chapter. I know, I am psychic, thanks for asking. It is funny that I read your story, since I have been considering writing an SAO Fanfic for a couple months now that would star a female OC who uses a dagger and has a wolf familiar. Thank you for writing such an amazing story and making it available to read for free online. I enjoyed every word!
8/26/2015 c5 1PrincessArien
I don't know whether Kirito would have actually been the highest leveled player at the first floor boss clearing...but they *all* (or very nearly all) would have been level 11 at the very least, everyone on the front lines and in the clearers always had a safety margin of at least ten levels above the floor they were currently on. So for for floor 1 they would have 11, 2 would be 12, and so on and so on...I'm not sure whether you already knew that or not, but I felt I should just point it out.
Anyways, interesting story you got going here, I always appreciate it when AU stories aren't afraid to actually *go* AU and do something different, like what you did with the aftermath of the boss battle with Illfang and presenting an alternative to Kirito taking all the ire directed at beta testers onto himself and the whole "Beater" thing. I see to many stories just winding up keeping it and following canon exactly in that regard...it's a nice change of pace to actually have something different occur.
7/19/2015 c9 Rinshi
I looked at the top about u being upset about the first season bet ur excites that they ended up make 2nd a second One huh?
3/28/2015 c18 Guest
Why'd you stop D: it was so good D:
3/28/2015 c15 Guest
Great story :D
3/19/2015 c1 4Heavenian
Don't give up writing man! The story's good! Keep it on!
3/15/2015 c7 1MorganSkylar
I like your story. But I thought it will be better if the OC are not that many. There are some people who don't like it.
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