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1/5 c7 Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man
This is the Best Adventure Time story I've read. It's absolutely fantastic my friend. I hope you make a new chapter soon this is really good. Can't wait for more.
6/26/2017 c1 IMP13
please update
6/12/2017 c1 catspats31
Despite the good writing quality in terms of spelling and grammar, I'll give you a heads up that the following part of the Content Guidelines is broken for having your summary contain words that aren't K-rated:

General rules:
1. Entry title and summary must be rated K for all audience. No exceptions.

Please change your summary so that it has all K-rated words.
11/7/2016 c7 Guest
I. eed moreeeeeeeeeeee plsssssssss moreeeeeeeeee!
10/31/2016 c7 Anonymous
I know you're probably never updating this since it's been well over three years, but I found this story to be pretty darn pleasant. Only AT fic I can think of with a plot like it and it's pretty fun; got all the characters down pretty well, I especially like your Finn/Jake dynamic and overall how concerned everyone is with Finn's sickness.
Lizzy is a cool OC and fits in pretty well with the plot, and her and Finn's relationship is really sweet. Though I did find it pretty weird how she wanted to adopt Jake too because he's like a fully grown man at this point so I think he would find it weird having some new lady as a mom.
Really does seem like Lizzy was Finn's mom but I'll never know for sure, drat.

There was a pretty decent amount of mistakes in the writing, like misspelled words or punctuation and capitalization and all that crap, but I didn't even mind man, was a fun read. If you have no plans on ever updating again I totally understand but if you do get back around to it I'd be into sticking by man.
5/25/2016 c2 coolpeanut11
please, make the sad endingv finn get worsen and diev/ MAKE ME CRYYY!
5/13/2016 c7 Guest
Thanks for a good book to read and that's telling me something! (concidering I hate to read) I usually read it when going On my dumb bus to middle school. I hope to see more chapters, but that's ok it's worth the wait. I also love how each chapter is different, thanks again!
5/12/2016 c7 1Axkkx
¿En donde de la línea del tiempo de Aventure Time se ubica esta historia?
11/8/2015 c1 Guest
the hell! since when was black butler involved in adventure time!? lizzy get outta there! you belong with ciel! dammit!
10/16/2015 c7 38Atomsk the Pirate King
I will say this, you wrote a very interesting fic. I hope you continue
7/21/2015 c7 Guest
Man, I cannot wait for Chapter 9 now. I dont know of i have commented on this before.. I have read this so many times
7/11/2015 c7 dotcomdino
Best story I've ever read. Keep it going.

Quick question: will Finn's disease get worse?
6/16/2015 c7 11Faisalliot
4/25/2015 c7 Guest
Is this never gonna continue? I really liked this story
8/2/2014 c1 Kaylyn The Human
Nah, nah, you're fine! Take your time, dude! I know the supportive people always say this but I'm very sympathetic and understanding, I really do mean it! I wouldn't lie about somethiny like this! And your work can be described with no words on how phenomenal it is…and those grammer/spelling mistakes, pshh, it's fine, I make mistakes all the time. Though I do always proofread from time to time. I hope you can get back to your feet and get this all sorted out, since someone like me can wait for an eternity for the next update/chapter(s).
—Kaylyn. Just Kaylyn :3
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