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9/6 c1 Guest
Please just quit.

This is just horrible.

Do us all a favor and never write again.
1/25 c10 8wolfd890
You killed off Sirius? Shame on you! :'(

Well, I'm sure you had reasons to drive the plot along, and it will make for an interesting and tense dynamic between Hermione and Harry.

That being said, having Sirius simply apparate into an unknown location without intel on enemy forces just seems...unfathomable. He was fully aware of magic being cast within the wards, dark magic even. Why appear in the middle of the ruins, as opposed to further back?

While he may have established a rapport with the daughter, the father didn't endear himself with his attitude the night before. I can understand Sirius acting rashly for his godson, but not a complete stranger, and a rude one on top of that.

just my two cents.

1/25 c9 wolfd890
hey Majerus, I stumbled upon your work here not too long ago and figured I'd drop a line or two now that I'm about halfway through. Liking the story thus far, and many of my questions will no doubt answer themselves as I continue, but I'll ask away regardless.

I gather that Voldemort is in fact the Horcrux piece from the diary, seeing how you've described him as a youthful male. That makes sense, as, without Hermione's help, Harry would likely not have deduced that Slytherin's monster was a Basilisk. That does mean that ginny is likely gone. Bummer.

What I'm curious about is the circumstances of Sirius Black's lack of incarceration as early as '93. I wonder how young Hermione's absence from Hogwarts results in his freedom. Have the events of Prisoner of Askaban already occurred?

With Snape's involvement at the beginning of this chapter, it's becoming clear how the order was able to mobilize to such an extent and thwart many of the Death Eater's kill teams. Initially, this seemed unclear, and I wondered how so many skirmishes were being fought with so little advanced warning or intel.

Another thing I've noticed in the previous chapters is that while you depict the date and time of each POV change, there is rarely a location included. For instance, the location of the armed muggles in the rural cottage on the hill. Adding a county, with a known reference point such as a town, would give the reader a better idea of where the characters are.

I was somewhat surprised that Snape has any sort of familiarity with muggle firearms. They are not as prevalent in the UK and highly restricted from what I understand. Even as a 'half-blood', Snape would be unlikely to have ever encountered one, and known enough about them to consider it a threat, or a means to quickly subdue a fellow wizard, even if he was caught unaware.

Bonus points for the choice in pistol though. I own a browning hi power and have to say, it's a delight to shoot. There are very few single-action pistols that are chambered for 9mm but from what I understand, they were common service sidearms here in Canada. In fact, the armed forces have only just announced a replacement plan for the old, worn-out hi powers still in circulation. Also, pistols are mated to magazines, whereas clips are used to reload internal, often non-removable magazines, I.E. M1 Garand, SKS, most WW2 vintage bolt guns, etc. ;)


7/20/2020 c20 RedJive47

Where is the rest of the story
4/25/2020 c20 bad-addiction
I'm really ashamed to not have read this before.

It's such a touching and realistic. There's no perfect person everyone has flaws.
I actually liked when you added that Sarah character. Her motherly personality was something Jean was missing, and now it has been passed to Minerva.

I thought Anna would have more involvement. It was something to have her story included.
It shows that others really have been hurt worse than Hermione, who still has her father at least.

Anyway it's been 5 years since you've last updated. Life changes slot since then and I hope it's been kind to you.
I've actually stalked you, from NEW BLOOD review page.
Always checking reviewers that have written or their fav list. Sometimes you just don't find stories when searching. So thank you for your suggestions and your fav list.
4/1/2020 c4 Guest
I have read your two chapters, I don't know what the further story entails but I want to give lots of kudos as it's the first ever fiction which I have cried myself in tears non stop. True heart touching lines you got there . _
11/3/2019 c20 lazy-kaa
Again, it is so unfortunately that very interesting storry frozen. Thanks for hours of nice reading and character development. Hopefully, you will return to your wonderful text.
3/9/2019 c20 20Noacat
I just found this delightful story! It was so wonderful! Thank you so much for writing it. I hope for an update someday, but I completely understand how real life must take precedence over updating a fic.
8/5/2017 c20 lithuanthalasa
I like the story a good deal, I hope you will continue it.
4/3/2016 c2 Laverock
Chapter 2, so far, so good. Believable.
12/21/2015 c20 18V-rcingetorix
And the writing stops at a cliffhanger ... disappointing.
12/16/2015 c20 Lady Stardust 619
Okay, now I'm scared.
Voldemort / Lucius Malfoy combo super villain?
Poor Draco!
I seriously can't wait for your next chapter!
This is an amazing story.
11/11/2015 c20 24Glaux Bryonia
Very interesting story. I'm curious where you'll take the plot now that the main villain seems to be gone.
8/6/2015 c20 Monnbeam
I feel sorry for Draco a little but maybe it might help him to think for himself about all the blood nonsense. Loved the chapter and story and looking forward to reading more
3/26/2015 c20 Morbious20
Awesome story so far keep up the great writing.
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